1. TheDukeOfIce

    RX in a Bone Plasma XS

    Big thanks for the forum collaboration to get my new RX put together. Frame from @Jheyvip Customization from @zwc0442 with a killer Bone Plasma finish. RX Crizal lenses cut and fit from @Chris A Hardaway Vault customized Bone Plasma from @THE X-MAN Replacement vault foam from @Ali Foam Really...
  2. E

    What lenses to choose to wear in office/home

    Hi all, i want to buy Oakley holbrook with perscription lenses as my daily glasses (working at office, siting at computer, and other indoor staff) And i cant decide about lens, i dont want to by clear lens, because it's not so cool looking. So one variant to buy Black Iridium Transition i think...