1. Overkill

    Has anyone else had highly mirrored photochromic lenses made?

    A few years ago Zach at Fuse made me a set of rx photochromics with the same mirroring that sun lenses get. Here is a pic of them light: and here they are dark: They have been super useful for me because I travel without a car or bag a lot and for me carrying xmetals in a case in my pockets...
  2. Q

    Oakley Sutro Photochromic - Supplier?

    Hello, I love my Oakley Sutro with the Prizm Road glasses for riding my road bike. Nevertheless I would like to have an Sutro with a photochromic lens because I ride often the bike in the late afternoon and sometimes I came home when its dark. It would be very nice to have glasses which I can...
  3. M

    Prizm Photochromic

    Surely this needs to happen? The normal photochromic lens is so boring, and has a relatively narrow range. Recent photochromic lenses from the likes of Julbo have more interesting tints and have a much wider range. My suggestion would be a tint like Prizm Road Black 12-80% and something...
  4. Sunglasses Restorer US

    Photochromic Sunglasses

    Please, check our last blog post about Photochromic Lenses: What are they really? [useful] - Sunglasses Restorer I hope you like it, and please, leave us a comment in the blog. Thank you
  5. U

    Jawbreaker Photochromic lens ETA?

    Hi Oaksters, Long time listener, first time caller. I recently got the Tour de France edition Jawbreakers, and whilst they are the best cycling shades I've worn, I do most of my riding at dawn or dusk and desperately need photochromic lenses. Does anyone know when the Jawbreaker Photochromic...
  6. U

    For Sale Radarlock Matte Carbon Fiber with Clear-Black Photochromic and G40

    I have a perfect condition Matte Carbon Radarlock from the first Holiday Bundle with an unused Clear-Black Photochromic lens and a G40 lens as well with the array case. I'd ask $275 (Originally asking $350) but make me a reasonable offer.
  7. U

    Buying Half Jacket 2.0 G40 Photochromic Lenses for Clear/Gray Photochromic

    Have Half Jacket 2.0 G40 Photochromic lenses, and am looking to trade for, or buy a set of Clear/Gray Photochromic for the same frames. I get Migraines from bright lights in dark situations, thought the the brown would be nice for that at dusk, just too dark - hopefully if anyone has the...