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    Sold 2016 Oakley Rio pin

    Mint condition. Asking $20 shipped to continental US. Other places a bit more. Thanks!
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    For Sale Pins

    Found some extra pins packed away. Hoping someone can make some use out of them. Please let me know if you have any questions. London Olympics Pins - $25 shipped Infinite Hero Pin - $30 shipped Canada Olympics Totem - $30 shipped
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    For Sale Airborn Money Clip and sochi and London Olympics Pins

    £34 Airborn Money Clip in the box including shipping £33 sochi olympics pin including shipping £25 london olympics pin including shipping
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    Found Oakley Skull Baseball Pin

    hi o-family, i'm looking for the Skull Baseball Pin!! please shot me a pm if you have some for me ;) thanx . . .
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    For Sale Expert Pin + Heritage Pin 50$

    Selling 1 expert pin and 1 heritage pin. both for 50$ plus shipping. OBO I have 3 sets
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    For Sale Expert PIN + Dog Tag Bottle Opener 80$ obo

    Selling 1 expert pin and 1 Dogtag opener together. looking for 80$ plus shipping for both obo.
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    Found Soviet pin and gascans

    I haven't seen this one before but seems pretty sweet.
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    Buying Pins. Pins. Pins.

    Howdy all. I am looking for several pins missing from my collection. Please PM me with a price if you want to part with yours.
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    Buying Pins!!!!

    Hello, I am interested in buying or trading Oakley pins, (rare, common, Olympics, etc.) PM or comment. Would love to add to my collection.
  10. JLFox


    What are some of your favorite Oakley pins? Do you have any, if so would love to hear/see them in the comments.
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    Buying Vancouver Olympic Pin

    Looking to buy a Vancouver Canada Olympic pin if anyone's got a spare!
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    $30.00 plus shipping You are purchasing only 1 pair of Custom nose bridge flex coupler and Nose bridge x x metal pin for JULIET, ROMEO 2 , PENNY, XX, MARS. I have many oakley x-squared and penny, and I have adapted these pieces for the x-squared , penny, romeo 2, mars, xx...
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    Buying My wish list

    I'm looking fot the following pairs: -Nicki Hayden Holbrook -Ducati Oil Drum -Djibril Cisse Oil Drum I don't care if they don't come boxed, without the original microfiber bag, or if the frame show signs of use. Just want them free from scratches on the lenses. ...Also looking for a Jupiter Pin.