1. U

    Sold Pins for sale $24 each

    Hey there OF, just letting go of a couple of duplicates. 2016 Little League World Series Pin $24 Shipped. 2011 Breast Cancer Awareness Pin $24 Shipped. $44 for both. Both in good condition, neither have cards. Please PM if interested. Thanks for looking, have a good one. Will ship...
  2. U

    For Sale Metal Vaults, Money Clips, Pins, Earsocks, Replacement foam, catalogs loads of stuff

    I am having a clear out of the Oakley I don’t want / need any more, if there is such a thing I don’t know. Anyway I have a long list, I have included basic photos here and if you want more detailed info or pictures PM me an I can give you more. I am in the UK and will ship worldwide at cost...
  3. G

    Oakley Juliet Loose Nose Bridge

    Hi all, I’m new to the group so firstly hello. I have a couple of pairs of Oakley Juliets and 1 set has a very loose nose bridge / lense connection so I’m guessing it needs repinning? I’m based in the UK so any suggestions on best repair option? Thank you,
  4. U

    For Sale Pins

    Found some extra pins packed away. Hoping someone can make some use out of them. Please let me know if you have any questions. London Olympics Pins - $25 shipped Infinite Hero Pin - $30 shipped Canada Olympics Totem - $30 shipped
  5. U

    For Sale PINS

    As the title says. $20 plus shipping for each pin, excluding Expert and Jupiter Camo pin, asking $30 a piece.
  6. mustangjt

    Time Bomb 1 Watch Band Pins and Disassembly

    I picked up a couple TB1’s that needed a thorough cleaning to remove gunk/funk/DNA. The main band to Case pins were bowed so I knew I would need new pins. I figured I might as well replace all the pins. This was the first time I’ve had to replace pins because I was never a watch guy until...
  7. U

    Sold Random Oakley Bundle

    Im selling the following as a bundle. Please let me know if you need additional pictures. 1 oakley bottle opener 3 Oakley viewers (they each have a little picture inside) 2 Oakley shelf display items 3 Half Pint stickers (Pinstripe, Blue, and Grey) 7 pins (some of the cards have some...
  8. U

    Buying Timebomb 1 Pins and links

    found pins after a short search, sorry for the waste of a thread but I still could use some links (stealth) if anyone has any, mine was a display and didn't come with any. Thanks.
  9. U

    Sold Xmetal accessories

    Penny lenses 2 sets both OEM BI have some light scratches(wearable) Fire iridium custom cut are like new! both sets for $SOLD OEM ichiro green rubber set for Juliet like new! 25 temple shocks $SOLD! Oakley Dog Tag unserialized $SOLD Oakley 5 coins gold SOLD! silver SOLD! Assorted Oakley pins...
  10. stevelvv

    Juliets rehab

    Have had these for 12 yrs. Badly needed an overhaul... sent to Luxottica for tuneup... 64.99 fee... was told 3 weeks... then get notice "we can't get the parts from Oakley and don't know when we will get them". Waited 3 MONTHS.... I canceled with PayPal and sent back unrepaired. In 2 DAYS I...
  11. U

    Buying Pins!!!!

    Hello, I am interested in buying or trading Oakley pins, (rare, common, Olympics, etc.) PM or comment. Would love to add to my collection.
  12. JLFox


    What are some of your favorite Oakley pins? Do you have any, if so would love to hear/see them in the comments.
  13. U

    Buying Jupiter pin

    If anyone have a jupiter pin for sale please let me know. I got a pair of jupiter cammo frogs and it didn't come with a pin since mine is a later edition and it only came with a sticker.
  14. U

    For Sale Oakley.....Pairs, Backpack, Skull, Bags, etc (Pic Heavy)

    Another cleaning session has yielded quite a few items I no longer need. I'll do my best to describe each item to the best of my ability. Rules of Sale 1. First come, first served. PM ONLY dictates order 2. Default shipping is First Class. Anything over that will be Standard. Priority...
  15. U

    Buying Pins

    Looking for random Oakley pins. grenade, Flying, Military etc. Not looking for heritage, olympic, Jupiter camo, or YSC thanks!
  16. U

    Sold X-metal 2 set OEM combo " 2 stem bolt + 2 stem washer + 2 bridge pin + 1 juliet earsock/nosepad "

    For sale this two set to leave Juliet, as new, all pieces is original oakley factory. Each set consists: 2 sterm washer 2 sterm bolt 2 bridge Pin 1 Juliet earsock/nosepad kit black 06-489 Price 50 usd for set allin shipped to all :) Thanks for look. All photos are from a set.
  17. U

    Sold A lot of stuff: microbags,few lenses,hats,shirts,Icons etc..