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    Sold Pit Boss 1 Matte Black/Titanium - BIP - w/box - 400€

    for sale is a Pit Boss 1 Matte Black/Titanium - BIP comes with wooden box (missing icon, damaged on a corner) and cardboard box the frame is in great condition lenses have some small scratches here and there please see pics ships from italy Price: 400€ + ship (im accepting reasonable offers...
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    For Sale Pit Boss 1 customized in red & black (shipping from Europe)

    I spent too much money on my other collecting hobbies so I need to let a couple of my Oakleys to go. I bought these Pit Boss 1’s in like new condition and then had them customized by El Zach. They have stayed in my storage box and have not been used or displayed ever since. I can’t find...
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    Sold Oakley Pit Boss Tron with Extra Sapphire lenses (from Europe)

    I spent too much money on my other collecting hobbies so I need to let a couple of my Oakleys to go. I bought these Trons from from Atticus here and start with his item description from that sale: I’ll stop short of calling these LNIB, but i can’t really find anything of concern. Lots of pics...
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    Sold Pit Boss 1 custom BMW Marina Bay Blue metallic

    I have too many Pit Boss 1 pairs, so looking to reduce the stash somewhat Second one up, done by Zach, one of our forum resident professional customizers Pit Boss BMW Marina Bay Blue metallic (identical color to the car shown in the last pic), plates are Titanium cerakote finish; in amazing...
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    Sold PB1 Matte Black Complete with Boxes

    Selling a Matte Black PB1 03-303. The only marks I see are on the earstems where they fold and touch. Outer cardboard box has creases. Wooden box has scuff marks. Comes with Elite micro Bag. Lenses are like new. These have sat in the box long enough, time for them to move on. Sold $495 PayPal...
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    Sold PIT BOSS I for sale

    PIT BOSS POLISHED BLACK FRAME BRONZE POLZ LENSES BURNISHED BRONZE SHIELDS (unreleased sku, built from initial run of prototype parts) No Box Condition 7/10 - No shelf queen. Great for actually wearing or customizing. Not worn but.... Proto parts so they are not perfect. Check inside pic of...
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    Sold Pit Boss 1 custom cut Sapphire prizm polarized lenses

    Got this done by @Chris A Hardaway a while back, were installed and wore them a few times, but not too much. They are in awesome condition. Can't find anything wrong with them Price $80 shipped USA
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    Traded my Pit Boss 1 frame for your Mars Crater frame

    Have am excellent condition PB1 frame, willing to trade for a Mars Crater frame with OEM finish. Lenses and rubbers not needed PM me if interested
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    Found Pit Boss 1 polished black & gunmetal with polarized VR28 (Europe/NA)

    I know...this is another one of those. But it can't hurt to try. ;) I want to buy Pit Boss 1 polished black & gunmetal with polarized VR28. Looking for frames in (close to) perfect condition. Would prefer also lenses and box in similar condition but minor issues with lenses are not a deal...
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    Authenticity of Pit Boss

    Hello everyone, are all Pit Boss 1 and 2 have Pit Boss written on the left frame? Is there a Pit Boss that don’t have Pit Boss written on it’s frame. I’m confused please please someone enlighten me.
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    Found Wearable PB1 &/or PB2

    Any colorway, any condition, NO BNIB or LNIB please (unless you will sell it for beater price) :) Looking to buy a good used car, not the dealers showroom gem. Thank you
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    Sold PB1 Rootbeer (complete)

    Framework in good condition 9.5 / 10 Lenses with some deep scratches 6/10 Price $ 530 Free shipping to the USA pay by Paypal
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    Sold Pit Boss 1 Tron, Rootbeer, Matte Black

    It was fun collecting these, but my priorities have changed as I have a baby on the way. Just can’t justify holding on to these as I don’t wear them. Prices are PayPal G&S, Shipped USPS Priority, CONUS. PM me for international shipping and we’ll see if we can work something out. Not looking...
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    Buying Pitboss I

    Looking for a project frame, but I am open to negotiation. Could trade as well.
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    Sold PIT BOSS (1) matte black

    PIT BOSS matte black for sale, Glasses, elite micro bag, wooden box and cardboard box only the frame looks like new, it was only displayed, they show like some scuffs on the bottom of one titanium plate close to the screw that hold it to the frame please check the picture provided, I don't know...
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    Found Ducati Pit Boss 1

    As the title says, if you have a Ducati Pit Boss 1 that is looking for a loving new home, hit me up!
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    Sold Pit Boss I Mate rootbeer & bronze w/ Tungsten iridium Polarized

    Hello OFamily for sale Like new in box Matte Rootbeer with bronze Tungsten Iridium Polarized Lenses. Frame: No scratches , 9/10 safe rating Lenses: Can't see no scratches but will rate 9/10 Comes with complete 2x double cardboard box and wooden box , elite microfibre bag...
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    Best Oakley case for Pit Boss 1

    Inspired by the intage zero thread below and recently becoming a proud owner of a pair of Oakley Pit bull 1 sunglasses I wanted to ask which Oakley case would be the best fit for them. The wooden case is great for storing the glasses at home but it's too heavy to carry around and I plan to use...
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    Sold Pit Boss 1 Tron 24-204 Glasses Only **SOLD**

    Hello all! Looking to make my first sale on the Forum. I bought this as Glasses Only, no Tron microfiber bag or Tron Elite wooden Box. I recently found a complete set so I’ve decided to let this go. I’m not confident in rating but I’ll do my best to describe their condition. The right lens has...
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    Sold New OEM Pit Boss 1 Ducati icons

    New OEM PB1 Ducati icons. 1 set available. Price is $75 firm shipped USA
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    For Sale PB1 lens (brand new) & T shocks

    CONUS T Shocks size 25, 50 or 75 = $12 per set, or $10 per set if you buy multiple sets. All are brand new. Extra PB1 lens is also brand new. $105. Tungsten Polarized. Any questions or proposals feel free to PM me.
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    Sold MINT PitBoss I mate black / titanium w/ black iridium polarized

    Hello everyone, I have decided to put this beauty for sale is mint, only I put it a couple of times to take some pictures, its condition is excellent without defects without marks and without scratches, they are complete with all their boxes and accessories. I can not take more pictures now...
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    Sold Pb1 Complete Rootbeer/tungsten Polarized

    Beautiful item in great condition. 9/10 +. Complete with all boxes asking (SOLD)plus shipping.Pm with any questions. Looking for Hollowpoint or Minute Machine watches for trade ( will add cash of course). Free Oakley skull golf marker with purchase. Thanks for checking!
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    Sold PB1 Rootbeer

    Up for sale is a PB1 Rootbeer. The frame is tight and in great shape. Only issue that I can notice would be a small scuff on the outside of the left stem (see last pic). Lenses are OEM original, and although both have minor scratches, they are far from needing to be changed, still very wearable...
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    Buying PBI Polarized Lens

    I prefer Tungsten Iridium polarized but if you have other colorways as well, that’s alright.
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    Found Pit Boss I

    Looking for an Oakley Pit Boss I. Here is the order of preference: 1. Rootbeer (umm...sexy!) 2. Matte Black/Titanium 3. Polished I would prefer it to be a complete set, but will entertain non-complete sets as well (as long as the price reflects it).
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    Sold Pit Boss Ducati frame (OEM, not custom)

    Pit Boss Ducati frame (OEM, not custom). I see absolutely nothing wrong with the frame, and aside from the lenses, I don't think the frame has ever been worn. These were put together with mint condition OEM PB1 Ducati spare parts. Everything is tight and solid. Frame and bonus lenses $SOLD Add...
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    Buying Pb1 beater doesn't need lenses!

    Just need a frame Pb1 paying 200$ or more for better condition..