pit boss elite

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    Found  Wearable PB1 &/or PB2

    Any colorway, any condition, NO BNIB or LNIB please (unless you will sell it for beater price) :) Looking to buy a good used car, not the dealers showroom gem. Thank you
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    Sold  PB1 Rootbeer (complete)

    Framework in good condition 9.5 / 10 Lenses with some deep scratches 6/10 Price $ 530 Free shipping to the USA pay by Paypal
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    Sold  LNIB Rootbeer PB1 - CLOSED

    Up for sale is my LNIB rootbeer PB1. I'm not listing it as BNIB simply due to taking it out of the box to display ;) Only displayed, never worn. Comes with everything (3 boxes, paperwork, Elite bag, plastic arm sleeves etc). Absolutely pristine! I can no longer bear to let these go. Staying...
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    Buying  WTB Pit Boss 1

    Looking for Bronze or Polished preferably. Thanks!
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    Sold  Pit boss 1 Matte Black BI LNIB Price dropped again

    Never worn , sitting in my case , trying to clear out the extras I have to make some room for a few different pieces . Both Come with all three boxes All 9/10 condition basically perfect Matte $sold g&s conus More pics coming
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    disassemble Pit boss elite

    Good morning, I have a question. someone could help me on how to disassemble my Pit boss to customize it, paint the metal part and the icon. I will be grateful to help. wait.