pit boss ii

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    For Sale Pit Boss II Polished black

    Seeling this pair with box (wooden box is missing sadly) Frame condition: 10/10 Lenses: 9.5/10 More info uppon request. Thanks Price: 330 shipped worldwide
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    Found Pit Boss II - AF

    Hi all, I am looking for Pit Boss II *Asian Fit*, in a mint condition, except Polished Rootbeer color! Just frame+lenses-rubber only OR complete set. Let me know what you have via PM. Thank you
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    Found Pit Boss II - Asian Fit frame

    Hi, I am looking for Pit Boss II Asian Fit, in a mint condition, just frame only or complete set. Let me know what you have via PM. I got some cash for a quick payment for sure. Thank you
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    Sold Pit Boss II, Matte/Silver and BIP, unopened

    For Sale is a Pit Boss II. Bought from our friend at Linegear about 6 months ago and never opened the box, so all is unseen and brand new. Price is $SOLD delivered US. Selling a few items for a larger purchase. Frame: Matte and Silver Lens: Black Iridium Polarized All Boxes, bags, papers...
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    Sold Pit Boss II OO9137-03 Polished Root Beer/TIP- LNIB

    For Sale is a pair of Pit Boss II. From a friend, given as a gift and never worn. No flaws. sku: OO9137-03 Frame: Polished Root Beer Lens: Tungston Iridium Polarized Other: All boxes and original packaging in near mint condition Asking: $SOLD shipped US, paypal. Outside US please pm.
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    Deal Pitboss II Black Ear Socks

    Looking to buy a set of PB2 black ear socks. If you have some available please PM me with your offers. Thanks for your help!
  7. PitBoss

    Who would help me make a Pit Boss II Star Wars Stormtrooper custom

    so I got this pair of PBII' complete with everything but as they are a fairly understated finnish I would like to ask (doesn't look like @dr.chop . is accepting PM's) who would take on such a project? I've been a Star Wars fan ever since I saw the first one and I all of the sudden could not...
  8. XMetalAddict

    My X-Metal Fixes + Some New Ones!!! :-)

    lly got my act together and got my new Carbon XSs back from Oakley with Rx lenses. Also I am showing off my @InfiniteHero Purple J creation ;) InfiniteHero Juliets Carbon XSs With OO Red Polarised Iridium Rx Lenses Juliets Polarised Ice Iridium My other Oakley acquisitions New Pit Boss...