pit boss tron

  1. U

    Sold  Pit Boss Tron

    Pit Boss Tron sunglass, all boxes and all of the paperwork. Selling for 1100$ Like new always kept in the box. Based in Hamburg , shipping worldwide
  2. U

    For Sale  Pit Boss 1 - Tron - Conus Only.

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for looking at my post. I am looking at selling off my Tron Pit Boss. I am asking 1000.00 This is for the original lens and packaging. Also available with the sale is the Cut Non-Vented Ice Polar Jawbone. For the sale these will add 175.00 to cost. (hope that...
  3. Sean72791

    Tron pitboss!

    Got in a pair of tron Pitboss today! Got a fantastic price, but they need new lenses and the wooden vault is beaten up. Recommendations for polarized blue lenses? Suggestions for refinishing/ painting the wooden vault?
  4. TexxxZ 2.0

    Bargain priced Tron

    Bought these from ebay and expect delivery sometime this week , went looking for a Pit Bull for a custom project I have in mind . The Pit Boss Tron was never on my want list would prefer a Ducati Pit Boss but these appeared and F**k it I took a chance .