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    Sold PitBoss 03-304 Polished Black Gunmetal w/ VR28 Polarized

    I have a Pit Boss 03-304 Polished Black Gunmetal w/ VR28 Black Polarized for sale. Frame and lenses in very good condition! Pair was worn occasionally, hence the nice condition. Small marks on the lenses from cleaning. Frame shows minimal wear - minimal! Comes with the "wooden" box, the outter...
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    Buying Pitboss Tron or Polished

    Hello OF Looking for a Pitboss Gunmetal / Polished Black in mint condition Also interested in buying a Pitboss Tron Pm for details Thanks J
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    Sold Pitboss 1 Frames

    Frames Pitboss 1 Frames in good condition, firm stems, some slight scratches on the logos and parts of the frame, no deep or serious scratches. If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. Price $365 each Free shipping to USA Pay by...
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    Sold PB1 Tron (Beater)

    Beater Pitboss Tron The Frame has scratches in different areas, at the end of the stems some slight dents. Plates with surface scratches, scratched logos. Lenses are not Oakley and has slight scratches. Please, if you have any questions or need more photos send me a message I will respond as...
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    Sold PB1 Ducati (Complete) $950

    PB1 Ducati (Complete) Complete with boxes and papers. the frame is in excellent condition, without scratches or bumps. the lenses are in very good condition with some superficial scratches 9/10 boxes in good condition. Price $ 1090 > $950 Free shipping in the USA Pay by Paypal
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    Sold PB1 Rootbeer (Complete)

    PB1 Rootbeer (complete)
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    Sold PB1 Rootbeer

    Up for sale is a PB1 Rootbeer. The frame is tight and in great shape. Only issue that I can notice would be a small scuff on the outside of the left stem (see last pic). Lenses are OEM original, and although both have minor scratches, they are far from needing to be changed, still very wearable...
  8. htrap2294

    Things just line up every once in a while...

    Well, I picked up one of my grails this weekend - a mint condition Pit Boss I Rootbeer colorway. I know for some, they do not appreciate the Rootbeer colorway, but for me, it is my favorite. Polished scratches too easily for me and the matte black picks up fingerprint oils too easily. I just...
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    Found Pit Boss I

    Looking for an Oakley Pit Boss I. Here is the order of preference: 1. Rootbeer (umm...sexy!) 2. Matte Black/Titanium 3. Polished I would prefer it to be a complete set, but will entertain non-complete sets as well (as long as the price reflects it).
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    Sold Pit Boss I

    A good condition Pit Boss I for sale. Frame in good shape. Elite logo have a little sign of wear. Left lens has tiny scratch but Right lens has one line scratch in the middle. It comes with a Revant mf bag. 375$ shipped. (I can arrange shipment to the custom guy if buyer wants) Thank you for...
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    Sold Or FS LNIB Tron Pitboss for a complete Plasma XX

    It's pending trade as of now So I was packing up my Tron's to get them sent out to @Chris A Hardaway to get some ice lenses cut for them and the wife says to me " I really don't like those on you! I like the other two you have, these are too big!!" :( Which happen to be my Plasma XX and R1's...
  12. Jaytypes

    Size comparison between R1 and Pitboss

    Hello brothers I have a favor to ask, I have been debating getting a pitboss and wanted to see a size comparison between that and a R1 and if you have a XX, your help is greatly appreciated. I would also like to know the difference between the pitboss and pitboss 2 fitment wise and what they...
  13. Linegear Japan

    Pitboss 1 lenses: can they be used for Pitboss 2 frame??

    Hi elite collection owners! Can pitboss 1 lenses be used for pitboss 2 frame? Thanks for any input.