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    For Sale Multiple Juliets

    Moving on pairs I don't wear. These have all just been sitting on display and honestly can't remember the last time I wore any of them. First up my favourite pair of the lot the X-Metal with custom cut +Red lenses Serialised (J020536). These are early lenses and very red with minimal Blue one...
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    For Sale 1ST GEN Bone Plasma Juliet w/ Emerald Lenses

    Listed on eBay- thread closed
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    Here is an awesome pair of infinite hero juliets. Never worn, only displayed, but mostly just stored. There isn't a mark on the lenses or the frames. The box, bag and coin are included. I dont give a ten unless it's factory sealed . But these are that close. Frame- perfect 9/10 Lenses- perfect...
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    Sold Juliet 5th gen Plasma

    Good day O-brothers! I'd like to try again to sell this 5th gen Juliet Plasma that I'm not using anymore (got the XS for the job).. just trying to fund future purchases.. Frame is 9/10 with a mark at the side of the left earstem the earstems touches the orbitals but there are no marks on orbital...