plasma r1

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    Sold  2nd gen plasma R1 with fire lenses $800

    I have a 3 plasma R1's left and I have one up FS it's a 2nd gen with the A in the serial Mint condition and it will come with oem custom cut fire polarized lenses but they are not etched I will get detailed pics to whoever wants them tonight. It has the red earsocks in the pic but it will...
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    Traded  or Trade Mint condition Plasma Romeo serial#1829 with options

    I have decided to sell one more of my plasma R1's! It's in absolutely mint condition with ruby polarized cut from big tacos by @Chris A Hardaway in like new condition. This frame has a serial number of #1829! Sub 2K The frame has no staining at all and the rubbers are in good condition...
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    Sold  Plasma R1 with option of oem fire lenses or 24k pol

    SPF I have been on the fence about selling this frame and here it is again. Mint condition Plasma romeo serial# 5213, It will come MF bag and with either Option #1 BT cut 24k polarized lenses in like new condition or Option #2 oem fire lenses in very good condition! The oem fire lenses...
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    Sold  Or FS LNIB Tron Pitboss for a complete Plasma XX

    It's pending trade as of now So I was packing up my Tron's to get them sent out to @Chris A Hardaway to get some ice lenses cut for them and the wife says to me " I really don't like those on you! I like the other two you have, these are too big!!" :( Which happen to be my Plasma XX and R1's...
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    Sold  Pair of Plasma Romeos and a Juliet

    I have decided that I don't wear these plasma R1's as much, I noticed I wear my go to pairs so I decided to let these go Edit: Not really looking for any trades but would consider Plasma XX for one of the R1's and also MJ R1 and we could work something out between both R1's and some cash to...