plasma xx

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    Sold Combo deal 2 complete XX frames plasma and xmetal $1000!

    Looking to sell as a combo only otherwise price changes!! First is my Plasma XX complete with box and coin but not matching with ice polarized lenses in mint condition! Second is a mint xmetal XX complete with box and coin but the box doesn’t have a serial number and it comes with prizm daily...
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    Sold Ice Plasma XX complete with Free extra set of lenses! PRICE DROP!!

    I have FS a Like new plasma XX complete non-matching with like new polarized ice lenses with like new rubbers and the lenses were custom cut by the master @Chris A Hardaway, it's been tightened by the Xman!! Looking to get $750 shipped and paypalled Conus. International buyers PM for shipping...
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    Sold XX Plasma with prizm shallow water lenses

    I have FS a mint condition and tune by the Xman Plasma XX with a set of beautiful prizm shallow water lenses. They are in mint condition and the only reason I'm selling is to fund another project and plus I have another Plasma XX. Frame is 8.5/10 just to make sure I didn't miss anything Lenses...
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    Traded Plasma XX with 3 sets of lenses

    I have a mint condition plasma XX that I'm looking to sell so I can fund another project. It will come with the oem ice lenses in let's say 7/10 condition Violet polarized cut from big taco in mint condition so 9/10 Sapphire cut from turbine so not the oem curve also 9/10 The frame is in...
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    Sold XX Plasma/ Ice box with coin (box and coin only)

    I have a box for a XX Plasma/ ice set with coin and foam. I just bought but don't need them they don't match the frame it came with. Looking to get $110 shipped and paypalled Conus
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    Sold Or FS LNIB Tron Pitboss for a complete Plasma XX

    It's pending trade as of now So I was packing up my Tron's to get them sent out to @Chris A Hardaway to get some ice lenses cut for them and the wife says to me " I really don't like those on you! I like the other two you have, these are too big!!" :( Which happen to be my Plasma XX and R1's...