1. J

    My new X squared with shallow water Prizm lens

    Just got my lenses last night from @Chris A Hardaway (Thanks Chris!) and installed them into my blank X squared frames I recently bought on the bay. Not sure if the edges of the lenses on the nose side could be pushed in a little further. Any thoughts?
  2. aaron.schies

    For Sale Juliet Plasma w/ OEM Black Iridium Polarized

    Freshly tuned nose bridge and hinges. OEM lenses and rubber. Tiny bit of delam on top edges of lenses but not noticeable when wearing. No scratches on lenses. Tiny nick on left orbital. Loved this pair but rarely wore it. Comes with soft microfiber bag. Asking for $350 USD shipped to CONUS...
  3. Fernando

    Sold Juliet plasma w/ fire iridium “ 4 Gen “

    Hello OFamily for sale 4gen Juliet plasma with fire iridium lenses, all is original, I used only 2 or 3 times, the rest of the time he has been sleeping in the showcase, is in perfect condition, don’t have marks or scratches, is complete with box, coin, mf-bag and extra rubber, the frame has...
  4. Fernando

    Sold Juliet plasma w/ fire iridium “ 2nd Gen “

    Hello Of for sale this Juliet plasma with fire iridium lenses 2nd gen with matching box, the glasses have low used the lenses don’t have scratchers, cleaning mark difficult to get in the pics, the frame don’t have discoloration and the nose bridge still very strong , have 15’s t-shocks installed...
  5. Fernando

    Sold Juliet plasma w/ ice “COMPLETE”

    Hello OFamily for sale this Juliet plasma with ice lenses in perfect condition, is a B-serial 3rd Generation frame serial with matching box,and coin, nose bridge is factory tight, the frame is perfect with out discoloration, the lenses have very little cleaning marks is very low, is perfect for...
  6. Esscaster

    Sold Oakley Plasma/Fire Polarized Juliet Sunglasses

    I'm selling this pair of Plasma/Fire Iridium Polarized Juliets. This was tuned up and refinished in the X-Man Plasma. This was a backup pair to another pair of X-Man Plasma/Fire Iridium Polarized Juliets I had. This has red Linegear rubber temple shocks, orbital gaskets, and ear socks. It's...
  7. Fernando

    Sold Juliet plasma w/ ice iridium lenses W

    Hello OFamily for sale this Juliet plasma with ice lenses in perfect condition, is a warranty frame serial, nose bridge is factory tight, the frame is perfect with out discoloration, the lenses is free marks or scrachers perfect condition, came with mf-bag only, is perfect for wear every day...
  8. dh4645

    For Sale LNIB X Squared XS Plasma Complete Box Coin Case

    Selling a few I really don’t wear. PM me with offers and I can send more pics if needed. Paypal only CONUS ONLY X-SQUARED Frame: Plasma Lens: Fire Iridium Polarized SKU: OO6011-04 Rating: 9.5/10 Description: LNIB Price: $old
  9. Jheyvip

    For Sale Oakley x squared plasma, polished

    $345.00 each plus shipping I have 2 polished and 1 plasma Frame condition 8/10 ( tight ) brand new aftermarket lens Microfiber included no box , case or coin
  10. Esscaster

    Sold Oakley X-Man Plasma/Fire Polarized Juliet

    For Sale: This is a pair of Oakley Plasma (The X-Man Plasma) Juliets with Fire Polarized Lenses. I don't believe they were ever serialized, but I bought them when they needed a tune up (they originally had black lenses) and they were freshly tuned up by the X-Man and then given his plasma...
  11. SolarOracle

    Sold Romeo Plasma Ice

    Up for sale is a brand new Romeo Plasma w/ Ice lenses This a warranty Frame no Serial number Lenses are mint as well 9.8/10 cut from Crosshair 2012 Comes with Microfiber bag Asking $OLD shipped CONUS
  12. BoostBear

    Traded Penny + Project Juliet

    I want to get another X-Squared, or try out the XX. I have these two pairs which I'd like to offer up in exchange for one of those. I'd prefer to trade them both, but understand if you're only interested in one and want cash on my end instead, or some other trade. I'm open to any color except...
  13. BoostBear

    Sold Juliet 1st Gen Plasma w/ FIP BI Violet

    Plasma Bone White Serial P070963 Daily Wear/Beater Bridge - What I consider normal amount of play Fire Polar - Moderate/Heavy Wear Violet - Unworn only mounted once Blk I - A few light marks Bridge has some play, I would consider it mild/average amount of play, I did not feel they're in need...
  14. Xformr

    Sold Juliet Plasma Ice Polarized serial IP004900A

    Serial number IP004900A Wanting to keep these, but dialing back a but in favor of family expenses. - Plasma frame is in excellent condition, but will point out that the right earstem touches the inside of the top of the orbital where the T-shox lay when opening earstem. (see 4th pic) - Nose...
  15. Xire

    Sold Juliet Plasma Ice NOS

    Selling my last pair of Juliet Non serial Nosebridge 8/10 no need to service. Lenses 7.5/10 Frame: 9/10 can't see anything wrong Rubbers in good shape. T shocks will be #25. Will be keeping the #15 as i only have a few of those. With Microfiber cloth case $OLD All in CONUS and Canada
  16. SolarOracle

    Sold Juliet Plasma Fire

    For sale is a Juliet Plasma w/ Fire Lenses in mint condition This is a last gen / No SKU Lenses 9.5/10 OEM Frame is in immaculate condition 9.5/10 Rubbers 9/10 Glasses are all original nothing was replaced! Very slight movement on the nose but this is how I got them from Oakley Asking $OLD...
  17. Tejada

    Sold lot beaters juliet and romeo 2

    Lot beaters juliet and romeo 2 1-Juliet plasma without serial 1- Juliet plasma serial P073540 1- Juliet titanium serial T029986 (blurred serial) 2- Romeo 2 plasma the lenses are in poor condition, jumper of the nose unfit, pins and screws in good condition, no frame is crooked or broken...
  18. Jmgarcia

    Trading Romeo 2.0

    Looking to trade for other types of x metals in like conditions (ready to wear) or for sale... looking to get around $300. Full disclosure I am not the original owner so I cannot speak on the the history of the frame however I can be as detailed as possible on what I can physically see. Frame...
  19. Fernando

    Sold Juliet gen 1 plasma w/ ice iridium

    Hi again all :) Juliet plasma 1 gen for sale used and very condition, came with bag only, the lenses don’t have scratchers low cleaning marks, frame look good and nose bridge it is very tight, I have taken care of her a lot and I have given her a lot of love, she has always been well kept...
  20. Tejada

    Sold Lot Juliet beaters

    Lot juliet beaters. Serials: JG 004302 JE 022949A JI 019564 Some bring their tires in good condition. 5 juliet, 3 coins, 5 adjustment pleasers. (lenses in poor condition 2/10.) Price $ 950 Shipping free by DHL Pay by Paypal
  21. SolarOracle

    Sold Custom Juliet Plasma Ichiro w/ Emerald Slate Ichiro 51

    1st Option Custom Juliet Plasma Ichiro w/ Emerald Slate Ichiro 51 SKU: 04-150 / No Serial Frame: Plasma 9.5/10 Lens : Emerald Slate Ichiro 10/10 New Rubbers : Emerald Green "Made in USA" and "CE" 10/10 New Comes with Oakley Microfiber Bag $400 Shipped CONUS 2nd Option Juliet...
  22. SolarOracle

    Sold Half X Plasma w/Ice Iridium Polarized 12-946

    Frame in excellent condition! (9/10) The left lens etched "Polarized" is perfect, while the right lens has two tiny marks (9.5/10) The 4 screws that hold together the hinges and the lenses were replaced with new ones from @scienergy (OMX Parts) Left hinge goes a bit farther than the right one...
  23. Amanoramonkey

    Sold Plasma juliet with custom cut sapphire lenses and blue linegear rubber kit.

    Looking at selling a piece of my collection to help pay for some other projects the frame is first gen but not bone Finnish it has alot of character and looks cool to me like a raw metal frame serial is there but is hard to photograph as it's worn faint over time (JI014992). Lenses were cut from...
  24. Gunn

    For Sale Juliet Plasma w/ Ice Iridium, full set, boxed, complete 375$ shipped

    I'm selling a Juliet Plasma with Ice Iridium lenses. The frame has a factory thight nosebridge, new rubbers and a JI1*****A serial number. The Ice lenses have several marks from usage. Nothing too bad, clear vision, but they are not new. With the pair comes the cleaning bag, the papers...
  25. SolarOracle

    Sold XS Plasma Ice

    For sale no trade!! XS Plasma Ice OO6011-02 Frame is in mint condition (9.5/10) Lenses have scratches and nick in the middle (7/10) Still not affecting sight.. Perfect for a everyday use or custom set 350$ Shipped to US and Canada Paypal Sold
  26. Fernando

    Sold Juliet plasma w/ fire Iridium "First Gen" #SOLD

    Hello all for sale other of my juliet 1st gen in mint condition, plasma frame with fire Iridium, all is oem, and only came with bag, don't have oxidation or scratchers the frame and lenses. All is 9,9/10 Serial P028986 Price $330 allin. #SOLD Payment in PayPal g&s, feeds and...
  27. L5072

    Sold Plasma juliets

    great pair of plasma juliets 2nd gen that were recently tuned by the xman and that custom cut lenses from chris hardaway- I just bought a new jeep and need accessories so raising funds. $220 conus as is or will include new fire lenses with set for $260. Conus please and not interested in trades...
  28. toosteeley

    Sold LNIB 1st Gen Plasma/Fire Juliet

    For sale is an absolutely mint, LNIB 1st generation plasma Juilet with the much coveted and VERY difficult to find, deep red fire lenses. This set is utterly flawless, never been worn, museum quality! Frame has the characteristic early gen casting marks but 0 discolouration. Rubber is perfect...
  29. toosteeley

    Sold Plasma Juliet Frame

    Selling a 5th gen plasma juliet frame in fantastic condition. Flawless finish, brand new rubber, 5th gen SKU. Some wiggle in the nose bridge, but no where near ready for a tune up. Looking for $OLD all-in.
  30. Fernando

    Sold juliet plasma w/ fire 1st gen #SOLD

    Description: USED Serial: P005478 Frame 8/10 Lenses 7/10 Nose bridge 9,7/10 Rubbers 6/10 Juliet plasma with fire 1st gen with coin, inside one of the orbital have discoloration, the lenses don't have big scratchers but have signs of used and inside is little peeling, all is oem. Price $240...