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    For Sale Romeo 1 Sale

    Hi Everyone, Consolidated my previous Romeo 1 sales threads into 1 post. Price dropped as well. 1. Oakley Romeo 1 Plasma Fire Iridium - $SOLD Frame: 9.5/10 - Really couldn’t find any issues with it Lenses: 8.5/10 - Small stress cracks Gaskets: 10/10 - OEM top and bottom orbital gaskets...
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    Sold Juliet 3rd gen plasma

    decided to keep these and fix them up for a friend
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    Traded (EDIT) Two Xmetal R1's for a Plasma Fire R1 or XX Plasma or 1 R1 frame for metal echted fire lenses+

    I have two Xmetal R1's in very good condition that I'm looking to trade for either a plasma fire R1 or a XX plasma. The lenses don't have to be oem but I would prefer fire, ruby or maybe even ice but let me know what you have. I have several different lenses that they can come with so PM me...
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    Buying Juliet Plasma/Fire Box

    Hi all. I'm looking for a good condition and complete Juliet plasma/fire box. Would prefer an older version/generation with large coin. Paperwork and extra rubbers would be a bonus ;) Thanks!
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    Sold SPF: R1 plasma for sale

    Great condition R1 plasma with oakley plasma R1 lens. Frame is 9/10, with point deduction for right temple being loose Left lens (etched lens) has small spider barely visible from inside, does not affect vision Right lens has a small spider crack and abrasion on the upper lens, see pics $750...
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    Sold USED XS Carbon / OO BIP - sku 6011-08 - GONE

    XS carbon 6011-08 frame in good condition, - Ideal for daily use, or for custom job. Frame has some scratches on top the orbitals, OO BIP lenses are usable, but have scratches on them that are visible when wearing, better off replacing. Nosebridge is still around factory tight, I would say 9/10...