plate bronze

  1. U

    Buying Who’s got Oakley Plate?

    Looking for a pair of Plates in either 24k or bronze, pm me offers. Crazy frame from 2004, anyone got em?
  2. Jon the Don

    More than enough on my Plate.

    Big thanks to @Lupetto (Bronze) and @PitBoss (Silver) for the smooth sale and quick delivery of these two beautiful additions to my modest collection.
  3. U

    Sold Plate bronze (lnib)

    Gorgeous and flawless. Lnib condition basically bnib. Comes complete with all as new. Box is 9/10 rest is 10/10. Asking Sold $ Firm, all inclusive with world wide shipping. Please pm with any questions. Thanks for checking! Trading for X-metal, XX 24k of same condition.
  4. Jon the Don

    Bronze Plates

    I have been on a bit of a mission lately to complete the famed Plate Trio (that pesky Green one still eludes me!) During the last couple of months had quite a few pairs go through my hands, some keepers, some being forwarded to a good friend who just happened to be on the same Plate journey as...