plate platinum

  1. U

    For Sale  or Trade Plate Platinum/24K

    I am selling my plate platinum/24K scratches on the lens and very good condition. Earstems are worn off due to use..I am asking 200USD including shipping. I will only trade it for Plate dark silver/black Iridium.Thanks for looking.
  2. G

    Plate Platinum replacement lenses

    I'm looking to replace my Plate lenses with after market ones. I did it a couple of years ago and now can't find them anywhere. I'm also interested in buying another pair if I can't get new lenses if your selling them PM me. Thanks for the guidance. Groove XX metal 24k Plate platinum
  3. Migs the Scientist

    Plate 24k

    Finally found some 24k Plate, to be used as a wear pair! Ebay had them for 150$ Some tiny scuff marks here and there and light cleaning marks on lenses but nothing to cry about. I was pleasantly surprised how good they look since the photos were not great. After a good cleaning, they look really...