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    For Sale  BNIB Plazma Matte Retina Burn

    Plazma Matte Retina Burn with prizm road lenses. Perfect condition, no scratches neither to lenses nor to frame. Have box which is also in excellent condition. Fit is great, and I think it fits better than racing jackets. If you need more pics let me know. Asking $130 for it with shipping...
  2. U

    Deal  Plazma MVP

    Got these today in the mail and they are really not my style.. looking to trade for an X-Metal Penny in good condition + cash on my side. Everything is brand new out of the box as pictured Paid around $240 including taxes in Canada so I'm hoping to trade them, otherwise, I will ship them back...
  3. Jerome

    Oakley Plazma Sunglasses | Review & Guide

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