1. L

    Polarized Half X lens refinish or replacement?

    Hi there, just joined the forum and am looking for help either replacing the lenses in my polarised half x's or getting the original ones recoated if its possible as they are breaking down badly -they are@ 10 years or more old? Is there anyone in the UK that could help me -I am based near...
  2. U

    Sold New Straight Jacket II Polished BIP

    NSJ II Polished Black. Some light scratches here and there. Nothing deep. A couple small marks on the lenses that won’t effect vision. Hinges still snappy. $55 PayPal G&S shipped, CONUS
  3. Electronaut

    "Window" In Multi-Tinted Lenses (Like Prizm Deep Water Polarized)

    I've noticed some lenses are multi colored when looking through them such as Prizm Deep Water Polarized. When my (DWP) Flak 2.0 XL's got fogged with condensation, I noticed a perfect square "window" used to achieve a second lens color. The box separates the two lens colors: one tint in your...
  4. M

    New Oakley Deep Water Prizm Polarized

    Hi, I'm new to Oakley, and have just bought a pair of Deep Water Prizm Polarised. My main intention is to use them for driving, however I appreciate that this is not their intended use. Using them now in medium light conditions, car lights are creating a "ghosting", for want of a better word...
  5. U

    For Sale Juliet Lens Ice Tungsten Iridium Polarized

    Both pairs are new and never mounted 10/10 Ice Iridium lens - $95 Tungsten Iridium Polarized - $105 Pp fees and shipping covered in lower 48 states. Both for $170 and I’ll throw in a craftsman driver that fits the juliet frame.
  6. U

    Sold NOS XS Ice Iridium

    Hello OF Up for your consideration is 2 sets NIB XS Ice Iridium Lenses Asking $OLD for each set PAYPAL CONUS
  7. U

    Buying Radarlock xl oo red iridium polarized

    I want to buy oo red lens for my radarlock xl frame. if anyone in the forum want to sell please send me a message. Thank you.
  8. R

    Carbon Shift - need advice please

    Hi Really new to this so please forgive any etiquette breaches. Can anyone help me find some replacement lenses for my carbon shift. I need some polarised daily prism in black iridium. I’m finding it really tough to find any at all. There are a couple third party manufacturers but they seem too...