polarized lenses

  1. Moose5Deuce

    Magnesium M-Frame

    Trying my luck again: Has anyone successfully found a donor or someone that can cut lenses for a Mag M-Frame? I've been hunting for a polarized lens for these for at least a decade, preferably either Strike or Heater. Any info/leads would be greatly appreciated!
  2. U

    For Sale  Flak 2.0 XL Lenses

    Recently picked up a Flak Jacket 2.0 lot and have some lenses I don't need. All are XLJ; please let me know if you have any questions. Black Iridium Polarized - lenses do have some marks on them that would be visible when wearing - $25 shipped Clear - right lens has a mark; tried to capture in...
  3. U

    Sold  Flak 2.0 XL Sapphire Fade with Prizm Sapphire Polarized OO9188

    For sale is a pair of Flak 2.0 XL Sapphire Fade frame with Prizm Sapphire Polarized lenses. This pair has been worn, but sparingly, so they're in great condition: 9/10 all around. These will come with everything shown. Asking $125, which includes USA shipping.
  4. U

    For Sale  Valve (new) Polished Black w/ Polarized Black Iridium lens

    OO9236-02 Excellent shape worn once. Too big for me. Originally had +Red lenses but I kept those to cut for X Squareds. Oakley Polarized Black Iridium lenses are pristine and are Oakley OEM lenses. No box. Comes with micro fiber bag. $SOLD + shipping. PM if interested.
  5. B

    24k irididium lens, is it polarized?

    Hey, Today I bought the 24k iridium frogskin from amazon. On the website it says they're polarized but there is no indication on the box or anywhere else that they are polarized. I also have put them on and I don't notice the difference with my other frogskins, can anyone advise?
  6. U

    Trading  Chainlink lenses for polished Root beer Chainlink frames

    I have a high prescription that Oakley cannot fill, so I have a few sets of Chainlink lenses I'd like to trade, or work out some type of partial trade deal on for a complete polished Rootbeer frame. I've got a set of Ice Iridium lenses, a set of Grey polarized, a set of Jade Iridium, and a set...
  7. U

    Sold  Black R1 - X-man Work w/xtras - Conus Only 700.00

    Up to move out of small case. very well taken care of and comes with all the lenses as seen in pictures. All lens at 9./10 at least.. no visible marks. All polarized lenses. Think i have some extra rubber parts but unsure. Any questions, ask. Conus only, shipped Insured and priority...
  8. Electronaut

    Does LT% or an Iridium coating make a difference on how much glare you see???

    I was wondering... Does LT% or an iridium coating make a difference on glare? If you have two similar models of lenses (both polarized, both have iridium coating, etc.), do they cut glare equally? I decided to do some testing. The lenses I used were: Prizm Deep Water - Polarized lens, 12% LT...
  9. U

    Buying  Beater Pair | Cheap pair | Large Frames | Polarized / Prizm Lenses

    Looking to buy a cheap/ beater pair of sunglasses (don't mind what frames they are as long as they are larger), just need Polarized lenses, Prizm preferred. Need no scratches on the lenses, and LT like 15% or under for daily use. PayPal is all set up. Thanks.
  10. Electronaut

    Polarization Quality Question

    I was told by (more than one) sunglasses hut employee at that a high quality polarized lens will almost completely block out all light if turned against another high quality polarized lens from the same company. My question is my BIP and Prizm Daily Polarized lenses when done this way do not...
  11. U

    For Sale  Splice Ice Polarized Lenses - 100.00 CONUS

    Thanks for looking. never used and not even sure why i got them. (not a donor for any frame that i like or my fat head can use). 100 bucks shipped securely. any questions ask. i was going to take some photos outside but super windy in so cal. today. thanks can't get damn thing to turn...
  12. 92subzero

    Oakley Polarized Enduros $56.99 on Shnoop.com

  13. Arsenic

    Looking to replace Batwolf lenses. Few Q's

    Hey, first post. Just bought my first pair of oakleys (a pair of batwolfs) and I'll never go back to other sunglasses again. The lenses that came with the batwolfs are awesome but unfortunately you can see my eyes very clearly in just about any amount of light. I wear sunglasses indoors because...
  14. John. Walker

    Polarized lens

    just wondering which lens would be the best. It's for my jawbreakers Was looking at the deep water versus the shallow water polarized for fishing I'm on the water from 6 am till 9 at night quite often and fine the jawbreakers very comfortable even after all that time on the water thanks
  15. U

    Buying  Positive Red non-vented polarized Jawbone/Racing Jacket lenses

    seems i am about 5 months late. (who knew!!) as it states. looking for this lens to cut. thanks in advance! bean
  16. Shldonator

    Prizm vs. Polarized Lenses | Oakley Differences Explained

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  17. K

    Oakley Iridium vs. Polarized Lenses? Differences Explained

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