1. E

    Shallow Water Polarised vs. Deep Water Polarised lenses for rowing?

    Looking for a first pair of Oakleys to use while rowing. Based in England, conditions can vary from cloudy and low light, to very high glare off water in the summer. Ideally looking for a pair of Radar EV Pitches ( I have a quite a small head shape but want maximum coverage with pitch lenses to...
  2. U

    Sold  Turbines - Polished Black, Prizm Snow Black Lenses

    Hey all, Have a brand new in box pair of Turbines with Prizm Snow Black lenses. These lenses are super awesome, they have a chrome iridium finish but have a rosey hue when looking through. They have a 5.5% light transmission rate which is makes them pretty dark. If you do a lot of skiing or...
  3. U

    For Sale  Fives Squared - Smoke w/ Gray Polarized

    Have a brand new pair of Fives Squared, Smoke frame w/ Gray Polarized lenses. Comes with box and bag. Free shipping CONUS, $80 OBO.
  4. U

    For Sale  Turbine (square O) gray smoke jade iridium polarized

    9263-09 Only worn a few times. I'm sure a square o turbine is on somebody's list of wants & this one is very nice. $200 shipped OBO Possibly also trade as a partial deal for a carbon shift, Jawbone or jawbreaker parts/lenses. Or I'd add $ towards a PB1 trade.
  5. U

    Sold  XS Fire Polarized lenses

    I have this extra set of Fire Polarized lenses for X-Squared Custom cut w/ OEM base curve / Never mounted $85 Shipped CONUS
  6. R

    Help trying to find polarized lenses that allow the most light transmission

    I'm not able to find the product details on the Oakley website that show the percent of light transmission. I thought they had this data point before but not finding it now. Thanks for any help finding the % light transition for polarized replacement lenses. RM
  7. C

    Prizm Deep Water Polarized or Prizm Black Polarized?

    Looking at a new polarized lens for my Radar EV. White frame. Uses for me: —driving —running errands —light hiking (I live in the Midwest) —laying by the pool —walking, running (for fitness, not looking at running 5ks or anything) I don’t fish but if I did it wouldn’t be anything too crazy...
  8. U

    Sold  Polished Juliet with polarized fire iridium

    Polished Juliet with polarized fire iridium, frame is mint. Lenses 9.5 $old F&F or 5% Free priority mail shipping to the US and US Territories. Fully insured.
  9. JamesHewlettFawcett

    Best place to buy Holbrook XL Prizm Ruby in the EU?

    Hi anyone knows a reliable place with the best price, to order this from, in the EU? It could be either the polarized or the non polarized version. BR
  10. U

    Sold  Holbrook - Matte Black, Torch Iridium Polarized (A)

    Hey Guys, I have a pair of Holbrooks that I'm parting with... they are brand new, just sat in my case for the past 2 years. I bought them new from an Oakley store, I didn't realize they are Asian fit although it doesn't seem like a noticeable difference to me between them and the normal fit...
  11. U

    For Sale  Bundle for sale: $1000 Australian.

    100% genuine Oakley’s in the box. For Sale bundle $1000 Aus
  12. U

    Deal  New Flak XS Arctic Surf with Black Iridium Prizm Polarized

    This is a new endorser frame from @Steven Goldberg with OEM plastic bag and identifying label. Lenses are brand new BIPP. I'm including the lens stickers as well, for authentication. No issues with the glasses, I was just hoping for something a little brighter. Believe it or not, this pair...
  13. SteamTest

    Troubleshooting Oakley 256 thumps! Please Help!

    Hello to the people of the oakley forum and visitors of this thread, i just got a pair of thumps, bought them locally, the seller has previously left it untouched and stored for a long time and said that he doesn't know if it's gonna turn on… So i went through with multiple tests, tried...
  14. U

    Sold  $65.00 PitBoss 2 II ***For Parts***

    Listing is for a used pair of PitBoss 2 Matte Black/Black Iridium Polarized Lenses. Frame has a broken ear stem (PLEASE SEE PICS). Lenses are in ok shape with some scratches in field of vision and are noticeable. Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions. Includes frame and lenses...
  15. U

    Sold  Zero 0.4 squared plus Madman pewter black iridium $SOLD

    I either have to buy another Oakley display case or try to thin the collection out a bit. Gonna try the later first. I have owned these for a long time. OO6019-02 - Pewter Frame with Black Iridium polarized lenses. The Madmans are brand new in the box, never worn and mint condition. Come...
  16. U

    For Sale  Radarlock Path, Turbine Lenses

    Selling some extra lenses that don't get any use... Radarlock Path: Ruby Iridium Polarized, 9/10, One tiny mark on the lens which could not be photographed but I wanted to make sure I was upfront about it. It's at the bottom of the lens. It's a pinhead sized nick in the iridium which does...
  17. U

    Sold  NEW Carbon Juliet 04-149 PERFECT

    Selling a new, never worn Carbon Juliet 04-149 with Polarized Black Iridium lenses. Pictured with new red OEM Oakley T-shox for that Ducati look :cool-20:. NEW original OEM Oakley black T-shox and extra nose pads available as well as a Juliet coin. Black Oakley microfiber bag included...
  18. U

    Sold  X Squared - Polished Carbon with Black Iridium Polarized

    Selling pairs that I honestly just don't wear. These things might as well be brand new; think I worn them on one occasion and that is it. Everything is like the first time they came out of the box. Will come with everything shown. Looking for $600 shipped or I would trade for MUZM Eye...
  19. U

    Sold  Women's Styles (Trailing Point and Low Key)

    Picked these up in a bulk deal and my wife is just not a fan. All are brand new and will come with microfiber bag. Prices are shipped in the US. Trailing Point - Matte Black with Prizm Rose Gold Polarized - $100 Trailing Point - Polished Black with Prizm Road Black - $80 Trailing Point -...
  20. U

    Buying  Badman Ruby lens

    Whats going on everybody, hope everything is fine! So, I am looking for a pair of ruby lens for my Badman. prizm ruby polarized would be my preference* thank you so much everyone. 🙏🏽
  21. U

    Found  XS - Black Lenses - DELETE

    Looking to try out some plain jane black lenses for my XS. Genuine Oakley or Linegear. Excellent/Like-New to New condition preferred. Thanks!
  22. Yo Flawch!

    Here is a poll/survey to express your opinions about custom cut lenses with partial etching.

    I have definite opinions about custom-cut Oakley lenses with partial etching, but I want to see how other enthusiasts feel about this topic. This is a survey, but in a poll-style format. If you're not interested in the topic, there are EASY OUTS... either click out of this thread, or make ONLY...
  23. J

    Oakley Pit Boss Ii 2 nice replica, fake or real?

    I wonder if you guys with your experience think these pair are Legit... I've never seen in real life but I got doubt since I saw the "pit bull ii" is like printed and in real ones is engraved, is there some version that is printed?
  24. U

    For Sale  New Straight Jacket II Matte Rootbeer / Bronze Polarized

    Hello Of for sale this awesome straight jacket II, are used but in good condition, the frame is like new, the left lens is worse than the right, the rubbers still good, comes with the microbag only. SKU: 12-936 Frame 08/10 left lense 05/10 Right lense 07/10 Nosepads 09/10 Earshoks 06/10 Price...
  25. U

    Sold  Monster Pup *polarized*

    Frames 10/10 Lenses 6/10 $75 obo free ship
  26. Yo Flawch!

    Problem with Ikon lenses in X-Metal Juliet

    Hello OF, I recently snagged a pair of Juliet, and had them refurbished by the X-MAN. He did a really nice job, and I love his custom "flat plasma" finish. I ran into trouble with the new lenses. I wanted red lenses, so I went with Ikon polarized, red mirror lenses. They are beautiful...
  27. J

    My new X squared with shallow water Prizm lens

    Just got my lenses last night from @Chris A Hardaway (Thanks Chris!) and installed them into my blank X squared frames I recently bought on the bay. Not sure if the edges of the lenses on the nose side could be pushed in a little further. Any thoughts?
  28. U

    For Sale  Juliet Plasma w/ OEM Black Iridium Polarized

    Freshly tuned nose bridge and hinges. OEM lenses and rubber. Tiny bit of delam on top edges of lenses but not noticeable when wearing. No scratches on lenses. Tiny nick on left orbital. Loved this pair but rarely wore it. Comes with soft microfiber bag. Asking for $350 USD shipped to CONUS...
  29. U

    Sold  Sliver F: OO9246-07 Matte Black Violet Polarized, OO9246-17 Matte Olive Tungsten Polarized

    Both pairs of these glasses have been worn maybe a handful of times. Both in excellent, like new condition. For some reason the Matte Black/Purple pair came in the wrong box. OO9246-17 Matte Olive Tungsten Polarized - $120 SOLD Album OO9246-07 Matte Black Violet Iridium Polarized - $120 SOLD Album
  30. K

    Identify/find Flag or armed forces from 2017??

    My sunglasses grew legs or someone really wanted them more than me I guess...in 2017 I bought a pair of standard issue polarized glasses with a matte OD green frame. They came in a silver and black flag bag. I haven’t been able to find another pair. Can anyone help me identify them? A model...