polished clear frogskins

  1. Funky-Trixtar

    Just Got Danny Kass Polished Clear Frogs For £60.75

    Just got Danny Kass Polished Clear Frogs for £60.75: used Sunglasses Shop token. Just waiting for them to arrive....Whohooo.
  2. F

    Crystal Black vs. Polished Clear Frogskins?

    I need to buy some new sunglasses. I always had sunglasses common black and gray lens, but this time I am thinking about buying frogskins colored with iridium mirrored lenses. But do these glasses are versatile as the black ones? You can use any type of clothing or any time, without attracting...
  3. O

    New Froggys!

    CLASSIC... well my pictures won't show :-/ Polished Clear w/Violet iridium! How do i get my pics to show?