polished x-squared

  1. U

    Traded  X-squared Polished/VR28 Complete!

    Up for sale is a near perfect and complete, polished/VR28 XS. Comes with absolutely everything (box, coin, soft vault, pouch, extra nose bombs and papers). Condition Frame: I can't find any issues. Essentially perfect. Lenses: Etched lens is like new. No issues. Non-etched lens has some minor...
  2. U

    Buying  BNIB: Polished or Plasma X Squared (XS)

    I'm looking to get my hands on a brand new polished or plasma X Squared. Not the Polished Carbon, the polished X metal one. 1st preference - polished 2nd preference - plasma If you are in Bay Area (NorCal), we can meet in person. Thank you!
  3. 350nick

    My First X Squared

    These arrived today. Really nice, I have only had Juliets so far but impressed with X Squared. They're polished frame with VR28 BIP lenses.