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    For Sale Polished Juliet with polarized fire iridium

    Polished Juliet with polarized fire iridium, frame is mint. Lenses 9.5 $445 F&F or 5% Free priority mail shipping to the US and US Territories. Fully insured.
  2. larrygooseman

    My first Oakley watch... and down the rabbit hole I go!

    5 days ago I saw a copper dial Judge 1 on Mercari that I favorited but sadly it sold shortly after. At that moment, the obsession sparked and all I could think about was that weird alien-like steel bracelet! I joined this forum and was lucky enough to snag not 1... not 2... but 3 Judge 1's in...
  3. T

    Looking to buy polished Juliet’s Ice/blue iridium

    Looking to buy my first pair of Oakley sunglasses! I’ve decided on a pair of polished Juliet’s with blue iridium lenses… Besides the serial number, are generations 1-5 exactly the same?
  4. T

    Looking to buy Oakley Time Bomb Icon

    I’m looking to buy my first Oakley watch and I’ve got my heart set on a polished Oakley Time Bomb Icon (with a white face). Unfortunately I’m not having much luck finding a Timebomb anywhere, let alone an icon or in the style I’m after… Can anyone help? I’ve also been trying to find out what...
  5. U

    Found Polished Juliet 4th Gen

    Looking for a Polished Juliet 4th Gen (No SKU) in mint condition I have several OEM Lenses, Frames or OEM Rubbers I can trade PM me with details Thanks
  6. U

    Sold Polished Juliet Frame

    Up for sale is a Juliet Polished Frame with Hammerstems in good condition. OEM Juliet Polished No SKU Perfect for a daily wear Tight nose bridge The temples/hinges screws are stripped on both sides but the stems are tight and work as they should. I don't have time to send it to Zach for...
  7. U

    Sold Polished R1 w/ Deep Water Polarized

    Looking to move these beautiful custom Polished R1 The frame is in immaculate condition with OEM black rubbers and Gaskets Lenses are Deep Water Polarized with 8.75 BC and Prizm Etching Comes with Microfiber bag $OLD Shipped CONUS
  8. U

    Sold Polished X-Metal XX w / Ice

    Mirror Polished XX From XM with Serial retained Mint all around and tight! Oem Ice lenses with purple hues from Flak Comes with white LG rubber set and soft pouch $575 Shipped CONUS X
  9. U

    Sold XS Polished Carbon OO6011-06 w/ DWP lenses PRICE DROP

    XS Polished Carbon OO6011-06 8.5/10 tightness DWP lenses 9.5/10 Linegear White rubbers Linegear repair parts MF bag Message me if you want other info/pictures. I've been out of the scene for a while so I am not sure on pricing: $old PayPal Shipped CONUS
  10. U

    Sold New Straight Jacket II Polished BIP

    NSJ II Polished Black. Some light scratches here and there. Nothing deep. A couple small marks on the lenses that won’t effect vision. Hinges still snappy. $55 PayPal G&S shipped, CONUS
  11. U

    Sold Time Tank Polished / Blue dial

    Hello OFamily I put this beauty on sale, I have used it only a couple of times, it is perfect, it has no marks or scratches, it is as new as the first day, it is complete with all its papers, extra links and its boxes, I had it in the showcase that I hope someone enjoy it. SKU: 26-328 9/10...
  12. U

    Sold Juliet Polished Frame

    Juliet Polished w/ Hammerstems No SKU No Lenses Frame is in like new condition Rubbers are mint (will include nosebombs of your choice Small or Large) Comes with all screws and gaskets $OLD Shipped CONUS
  13. U

    Sold Polished Juliets with Hammerstems

    Polished Juliets with original hammerstems with serial. Black iridium lenses in excellent condition. Will include soft vault.
  14. U

    Sold Juliet polished 1st gen hammerstem w/ black iridium lenses #SOLD

    Hello OFamily I just received this frame from oakley's technical service, is a Juliet hammerstem 1st gen, they have new tune-up, new rubbers and put new black iridium lenses on it, it is like new, like the first day, it comes with a cloth cover Serial JB013102 Frame 9/10 Lenses 10/10 Rubbers...
  15. U

    Sold X-Squared Polished / VR28 Black Iridium Polarized “ COMPLETE WITH OUT LENSES” #SOLD

    Hello OF for sale this X-Squared Polished with VR28 Black Iridium Polarized complete with out the lenses, have the screws and the gasket in the orbitals, frame and rubbers in very good condition, with new tuneup the nose bridge is strong, come with box, papers, microbag and the X-Case in new...
  16. U

    Sold BNIB Juliet Polished Fire Sealed

    For sale is a sealed Juliet Polished w/ Fire Polarized SKU 04-147 This set is complete and has never been opened. Box is Mint as well I can break the seal and provide more pics to serious buyers only $550 shipped CONUS
  17. U

    Sold Juliet polished w/ fire iridium polarized 1st Gen Hammer stems #SOLD

    Hello OFamily for sale this first generation Juliet polished with fire polarized lenses, it has little use and is in very good condition, came with bag only. Serial JP006892 Frame 9/10 Lenses 9/10 Rubbers 9/10 Nose bridge 9/10 Price: $380 allin #SOLD OBO Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees and shipping...
  18. U

    Sold XS Polished Box and Coin

    X-Squared Polished VR28 (006011-05) box and coin in good condition. Includes 3 pieces box, collector’s coin and extra nose pieces. X-Metal Vault not included, no paperworks $OLD Shipped CONUS
  19. U

    Sold XS Polished Frame

    Up for sale is a X-Squared Polished Frame with SKU 006011-05 Frames is in mint condition, nose bridge has some flex but not in need of a tune up. Comes OEM TShox, orbitals screws, gaskets and new Juliet earsocks $OLD Shipped CONUS
  20. U

    Sold Watch Sale: Complete Polished Minute Machine, Holeshot Bundle, Beater Transfer Case

    Polished Blue Minute Machine. LNIB. Displayed only. The only mark I see is at the unpolished area next to the clasp pin. No issues with movement. Includes watch with all 13 links, storage case, outer cardboard box, and a spare brand new polished watch case (does not have a crown or back cover)...
  21. U

    Sold Penny Polished/gold tio2 w/ Tungsten prizm polarized lenses “CUSTOM”

    Hello OF for sale other awesome and new pf my custom pairs this time penny Polished and gold tio2 frame with Tungsten prizm polarized lenses,other good work of Z, in perfect condition, new all, came with the microbag and the back case of the pic. Frame 10/10 Lenses 10/10 Rubbers 10/10 Nose...
  22. U

    Sold Romeo 2.0 Polished / Titanium Iridium

    Hello OF for sale other one r2 polished frame with titanium lenses, I have used it but with great care, the lenses have marks of use as you can see in the photos, nothing affects vision, they are in very good condition, perfect for daily wear pair, nose bridge still strong, came with microbag...
  23. U

    Sold LNOB Romeo 2 polished w/ titanium lenses

    Hello OF for sale a Romeo 2 polished frame with titanium lenses in like new condition, never used, came with mf-bag only, don’t have scratchers the frame or lenses, and the rubbers still in like new condition. Frame 9,9/10 Lenses 9,9/10 nose bridge 9,9/19 Rubbers 9,9/10 Price: $400 allin ( or...
  24. delarscuevas

    Polished TB1 Cannon red: good buy?

    Hello, I really love the design of the TB1. Now I found this Cannon Red TB1... which the current owner has had polished! Seller claims: The crystal is free from scratches. The capacitor mechanism is working well and has not been changed. He does not have extra links (judging by this topic...
  25. U

    Sold XS Polished w/ Emerald lenses

    Up for sale is a pair of X-Squared Comes with the following: SKU OO6011-05 (Polished frame with OEM Emerald lenses) Everything is in Mint condition, no scratches, no nicks, nothing! Pictures speak a thousand words, so I have tried to take photos of every angle. NIB Emerald lenses just...
  26. U

    Sold Polished X-Metal Large Vault

    Selling this beautiful Polished X-Metal Large Vault in very nice condition Snap tight and close perfectly! Inside has been cleaned and polished but no foam Very nice display piece $85 shipped CONUS
  27. U

    Sold Juliet Polished Ichiro w/ Emerald Slate

    For your consideration is a Mint Juliet Polished Ichiro w/ Emerald Slate Lens: Few light marks but barely visible 9/10 Frame: 9.5/10 Emerald Ichiro rubber kit is new Nose bridge is tight and foam in excellent condition No Serial number / US Version Comes box and coin and microfiber bag...
  28. U

    Sold Penny Polished w/ Black Iridium, used but good condition, tight wear pair

    Hello OF, here I have a Penny for sale. It's the polished version with the OEM black Iridium installed. It has the PB serial in the left stem, number is in the low 4000. Nosebridge is factory tight, so no need for a service on that frame at all. OEM rubbers are nice and not sticky. Spring...
  29. U

    Sold XS Polished VR28 BIP 3 pieces Box and Coin

    Making some room before I move out at the end of the month Inner Box is Mint Outer Box is in good condition X-Metal Coin is Mint No Vault or Paperwork Asking $OLD Shipped CONUS
  30. U

    For Sale Oakley x squared plasma, polished

    $345.00 each plus shipping I have 2 polished and 1 plasma Frame condition 8/10 ( tight ) brand new aftermarket lens Microfiber included no box , case or coin