premium red

  1. U

    Sold  Splice lenses - Linegear Premium Red

    SOLD! Splice lenses by Linegear in Premium Red (non-polarized). Very similar to Oakley's +Red Iridium with the red to purple iridium shift. Looking through is neutral with a very slight blue hue, not as strong a blue hue as Ruby Iridium. Lightly used by previous owner and unmounted by the OC...
  2. U

    For Sale  Linegear Premium Red Polarized Lenses for Romeo 1

    I'm not really using these and the differences between custom cuts and these is pretty noticeable leaving me to just stick with my custom cuts. Mounted for maybe a week, still in great condition. Save some cash and the long wait for these to clear customs. $40 and I'll include the shipping...
  3. Esscaster

    Just Got Linegear Premium Red Lenses for R1s. Honest Review.

    My Photobucket links seems to be disappearing lately, but hope this works out. But yeah, wanted to get a close to the 1st Gen Ruby Iridium look for my Romeos while also getting the benefits of a polarized lens. After much research and posting here decided to give Linegear's Premium Red a try...