1. pricedollaz

    1000 Post Club - Pricedollaz

    I been on this forum since 15 Nov 2011 so today not only marks my 4 years on this forum but also 1000 posts. I have been fortunate enough to interact with alot of great members and waste alot of money along the way. Prior to 2011 I had 16 pairs didn't really have an idea on what pairs I had...
  2. pricedollaz

    Pricedollaz Oakley Purchases

    Instead of making a new thread i will just start adding to this one May Purchases Thread June / July King's Desert Camo Straight Jacket Bronze Polarized SKU: 24-156 SI Multicam Fuel Cell Multicam w/Warm Grey SKU: OO9096-76 Backordered - SI Multicam Fives Squared Multicam w/Warm Grey SKU...