1. M

    New Oakley Deep Water Prizm Polarized

    Hi, I'm new to Oakley, and have just bought a pair of Deep Water Prizm Polarised. My main intention is to use them for driving, however I appreciate that this is not their intended use. Using them now in medium light conditions, car lights are creating a "ghosting", for want of a better word...
  2. M

    No Prizm Logo on Custom Oakleys?

    I just built and received a pair of Custom Latch. I built them to have daily Prizm lenses in them and kind of expected the Prizm Logo to be on one of the lenses like usual but when I got them earlier I noticed they didn't have a logo on them anywhere. The receipt states daily Prizm and they seem...
  3. S

    New Prizm Low Light

    So I found this pic from eBay of a new prizm lens which says prizm low light... it's a prizm lens for low light conditions.. It can be used at night too... It almost looks like a clear lens..
  4. U

    Sold Five much? $22? shipped

    $22 takes them, shipped. 5 - 23 1/2" x 10 1/4". I saw one tack hole. Thanks for looking.
  5. Miren Baines

    Oakley SI Radar Range Prizim TR45

    I had actually gotten the pair last week and have been testing them out in low light conditions. I also had recently gotten the Oakley Ballistic Det Cord TR22 Prizim. I have yet to use these in a range situation but I can report that at night, at least in well lit instances such as urban...