prizm 24k

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    Prizm 24 K vs Prizm Violet lenses

    I just noticed that Prizm violet iridium is now available in prescription. Last summer I got Prizm 24K prescription lenses for my daily sunglass pair and those immediately became my favorite Oakley lenses (beating out the previous favorite DWP). I was now planning to get the same Prizm 24K...
  2. U

    Sold Clifden 24k polarized

    For sale BNIB Clifden 24k polarized. Perfect condition. No scratches or anything. Matte Black with Gold icons. Price: $135 shipped.
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    Sold BNIB Sutro Matte Carbon/24k

    Here is for sale BNIB Sutro Matte Carbon with 24k lens. Unused. Perfect condition. 90 USD including international shipping. Thanks for looking.
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    For Sale BNIB Clifden Prizm 24k polarized

    Here is for sale one Oakley Clifden prizm 24k polarized sunglasses. Brand New. Never used. Only took out to take pictures. Selling because it is looking weird on my face, i am not used to wearing round lenses. 142 USD shipped.