prizm daily polarized

  1. U

    For Sale  Holbrooks 2 Pairs.

    Two pairs of Holbrook asking 130 for both. NIB Woodgrain- Prizm Daily Polarized Fire and Ice- Matte Crystal Black/Prizm Grey
  2. O

    How do I clean my prizm polarized lens?

    I just got a pair of flak 2.0 XL with the prizm daily polarized lens I have only had them for a week and there’s already scratches what I’m I doing wrong I have a spray bottle with just water I spray them then while there still wet I wipe them off with my microfiber cloth I do that daily and...
  3. P

    Prizm Daily Polarized vs Prizm Shallow Water Polarized for fly fishing

    I have Flak Draft Asia fit with Prizm Daily Polarized (non-prescription). I like to fly fish and am considering getting prescription Prizm Shallow Water Polarized. I've used the Prizm Daily while fly fishing, skiing and driving and they seem to work just fine but I'm wearing contacts and then...
  4. U

    Sold  Carbon Blade Prizm Daily

    Matte Black Carbon Blade w/ Prizm Daily Polarized I haven’t worn these in a while so I figure I may as well get rid of them and get something else I’ll wear more. Very minor marks on the lens, frame is in great condition. Screws on the stems are tightened all the way but the stems themselves...
  5. U

    Deal  Blacked Out Mainlink w/ FIP + PDP

    These don't get much love these days, will offer package deal for the 3 left. Open to trade offers - If you need additional photos of any of them just ask. TRADED - Mainlink Ink Grey w/ FIP + Prizm Daily Polar ~ Excellent Condition minimal hairline scratch lines - Frames have had the...
  6. U

    Sold  Carbon Blade $80

    Matte Carbon with Prizm Daily. Rate 7/10 has scratch on right lens not in my line of sight. $80 shipped U.S.
  7. M

    No Prizm Logo on Custom Oakleys?

    I just built and received a pair of Custom Latch. I built them to have daily Prizm lenses in them and kind of expected the Prizm Logo to be on one of the lenses like usual but when I got them earlier I noticed they didn't have a logo on them anywhere. The receipt states daily Prizm and they seem...
  8. S

    Prizm lenses for running and mountain hiking?

    Hi everyone! I want to buy Oakley sports sunglasses to use both for city running and mountain hiking (and eventually road biking). I am set on the EvZero Stride frame but can't decide on the lenses: at first I was going for the Prizm Road but now I'm doubtful that the 20% vlt might be too high...
  9. S

    Which colorway?

    I wanna buy a pair of straightlink but cannot decide which colorway to get between grey ink/jade iridium and polished black/prizm daily polarized.can you guys help me out?
  10. S

    Oakley PRIZM Daily Polarized Lens | Review

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  11. Electronaut

    Does LT% or an Iridium coating make a difference on how much glare you see???

    I was wondering... Does LT% or an iridium coating make a difference on glare? If you have two similar models of lenses (both polarized, both have iridium coating, etc.), do they cut glare equally? I decided to do some testing. The lenses I used were: Prizm Deep Water - Polarized lens, 12% LT...
  12. D

    Prizm Daily Black Iridium

    Yesterday, I stopped into my local sunglass hut just to check out some of the newer slivers with Deep Water Prizm and I know some matte black Mainlinks and Slivers on display and I thought that was interesting because they had gunmetal icons and I know that was never an original color and I...
  13. U

    Sold  BNIB Apocalypse Surf Prizm Frogskins

    Selling a BNIB pair of Apocalypse Surf Prizm Frogskins. Never been worn, displayed, etc. There are no scratches, dents, dings, bumps, dust, etc. Asking $130 USD G&S shipped CONUS. Will add pictures this evening when I get home.
  14. truffles

    Buying Prizm Daily Polarized lens.

    So I just purchased a pair of holbrooks, actually got a pair of Emporio Armani as a gift but didn't like them so i exchanged them for a holbrook. Now they are a just non-polarized black irdium lens. I'm thinking of getting new lens for them because I have an Oakley gift card. Now im wondering if...
  15. joscejrod

    Prizm daily Polarized vs Black iridium Polarized

    Could you compare prizm daily polarized vs black iridium polarized in all weather conditions? All uses(driving, walking,etc)