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  1. P

    Prizm Daily Polarized vs Prizm Shallow Water Polarized for fly fishing

    I have Flak Draft Asia fit with Prizm Daily Polarized (non-prescription). I like to fly fish and am considering getting prescription Prizm Shallow Water Polarized. I've used the Prizm Daily while fly fishing, skiing and driving and they seem to work just fine but I'm wearing contacts and then...
  2. U

    For Sale  Oakley Crossrange Matte Dark Grey/Prizm Deep Water Polarized

    up for grabs is this pair of Matte Dark Grey/Prizm Deep Water Polarized Crossrange! Comes with nose piece (which is removable) and an extra set of sport blue arms. No issues with these but maybe a cleaning mark to be safe but couldn’t find anything. Worn a few times but need to fund other...
  3. Dancad88

    Oakley Deep Water Polarized lens for everyday use?

    I am looking at getting a set of DWP for my flak 1.0s I was wondering what they are like as daily wearer? I’m currently living on the island of Cyprus so we have good mediterainien sun all year round. My current set up is ice iridium polarised but Unfortunately they are rather beaten up.
  4. S

    Turbine or Double Edge

    I want to buy a pair of Double Edge in Prizm Deep Water lens.. i also have a pair of ruby fade turbine which fits me perfectly.. So i want to know is double edge bigger than turbine or both are quite similar in size?
  5. MexicanDLyte

    New to the Oakley Forums

    Hello all... started up my lost passion again! Its addicting....4 pairs in the last month! Lol :hi: