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    Oakley Prizm Baseball Infield or Outfield?

    So i finally decided to get a prizm baseball lens but what would be an ideal choice between prizm baseball infield and outfield.. I do heavy sports.. Specially i play a lot of cricket... Prizm baseball(i mean prizm field) is available with many sport models like evzero, radar ev, radarlocks but...
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    Need help identifying what lenses are these

    So, I saw this picture on the internet.. It is definitely Oakley Radar ev pitch prizm baseball.. but can anyone help me to identify which baseball lens it is... Infield or outfield?
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    Torch Iridium Polarized vs Prizm Baseball

    I know both have torch iridium coating but i really like color of the outside of torch.It has that pure red color unlike positive red.. So which would be the ideal choice between these two lenses just for everyday use?
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    Buying Radar EV prizm baseball outfield lens

    I am looking for a radar ev prizm baseball outfield lens..Anyone in this forum has a radar ev prizm field lens they are willing to sell?
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    Buying Looking for radar ev pitch prizm baseball lens

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a radar ev pitch prizm baseball outfield lens. I really like the look of prizm baseball lenses. and it looks really good with an uranium frame or polished white frame. Unfortunately it is different iridium than prizm road...Thanks in advance.. I hope someone...
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    Prizm Cricket vs Prizm Baseball

    What are the actual differences between the two? Both through the lens and outside appearence.
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    Difference between Prizm Road and Prizm Field

    What is the difference between prizm road and prizm field when looking through the lens ?? I know that one has red iridium and another has torch iridium mirror coating and one has 20% LT and baseball has 15% LT.. What is the difference in the actual contrast between the two ?