prizm road lens

  1. U

    Trading or Buying M2 XL Trail, for XL Trail

    Found Prizm Trail Lens Sold Prizm Road XL
  2. Fremmy

    Prizm Road vs Prizm Sapphire Help

    Hi guys, I'm a cyclist who is really torn between the new flight jackets Prizm road and Prizm Sapphire lens. Has anyone owned both? Thoughts? Is the Prizm Sapphire the same lens and filtering for the snowboarding goggles? Do the sapphires work for road cycling? Or is the light filtering more...
  3. U

    Trading Flak 2.0 XL Lens

    Looking to see if anyone has a pair of Flak 2.0 XL - Prizm Golf, Sapphire Iridium Polarized or Violet Iridium Polarized they'd be willing to trade? Have Flak 2.0 XL unused prizm road or used bronze polarized
  4. S

    Prizm lenses for running and mountain hiking?

    Hi everyone! I want to buy Oakley sports sunglasses to use both for city running and mountain hiking (and eventually road biking). I am set on the EvZero Stride frame but can't decide on the lenses: at first I was going for the Prizm Road but now I'm doubtful that the 20% vlt might be too high...
  5. S

    TDF edition or Retina Burn

    I want to buy a new pair radar ev path with prizm road lens, but cannot decide which pair to get..can you guys help me out which frame color looks cool with the prizm road lens.. Retina burn or TDF matte white..
  6. U

    Sold Xmetal XX Xman tuned with prizm road

    I have a xmetal XX refinished and tuned by the Xman with prizm road lenses. They will have brand new earsocks! The finish is like new and they are tight as can be, the lenses have light stuff but nothing major or really noticeable. The nose pin has a slight gap, the pin hole is elongated but...
  7. S

    Retina Burn or Uranium

    I am in a confusion now over which pair to get Retina burn radar ev or uranium radar ev.. Both have prizm road lenses.according to you guys which looks better with the prizm road (or positive red) lens? If you had to pick one, which one that would be?
  8. U

    Sold XX lenses tungsten polarized $65 shipped(price drop)

    I have for sale two sets of of custom cuts for XMetal XX both done by the master @Chris A Hardaway First is a beautiful set of LNIB prizm road! This is a favorite of mine but I purchased a XX that came with a set of these lenses. Looking to get $old shipped and paypalled conus Second is a set...
  9. S

    Difference between Prizm Road and Prizm Field

    What is the difference between prizm road and prizm field when looking through the lens ?? I know that one has red iridium and another has torch iridium mirror coating and one has 20% LT and baseball has 15% LT.. What is the difference in the actual contrast between the two ?
  10. D

    Purchased M2 with prizm road lens

    I am a proud owner of a polished fog M2 with prizm road lens. It was on sale during cyber monday and since I did not like the gray lens that came with it, I got the prizm road as well. It is after all gonna be use for cycling, running, or driving in sunny California. I will have the original...