prizm salt water polarized

  1. Soul providers

    Shallow water prizm

    Can anyone post some pictures of prizm shallow water lens if they have ..i want to buy an flak 2.0 xl with a prizm water lens but can't able to decide which prizm water lens to get.. i have seen pictures of people wearing deep water lens on the internet but never saw anyone wearing a shallow...
  2. BalboaH2O

    Three Turbines (1:Deep Sea!) and a Jawbreakerrrr

    Just arrived today. Ordered the Jaws (Cavendish) without seeing or trying them on in person, based on your guys' positive posts, and the plethora of bosoxyacht's pictures :). They are AWESOME. Great design, fit, adjustable arms, and other features... and the Prizm Road Lens is immaculate. Looks...