prizm salt water polarized

  1. S

    Shallow water prizm

    Can anyone post some pictures of prizm shallow water lens if they have ..i want to buy an flak 2.0 xl with a prizm water lens but can't able to decide which prizm water lens to get.. i have seen pictures of people wearing deep water lens on the internet but never saw anyone wearing a shallow...
  2. BalboaH2O

    Three Turbines (1:Deep Sea!) and a Jawbreakerrrr

    Just arrived today. Ordered the Jaws (Cavendish) without seeing or trying them on in person, based on your guys' positive posts, and the plethora of bosoxyacht's pictures :). They are AWESOME. Great design, fit, adjustable arms, and other features... and the Prizm Road Lens is immaculate. Looks...