prizm sapphire polar

  1. Junglist

    Prism for enriching blues

    Hi, I’ve had Prizm Sapphire and they made reds and greens pop, but more so the reds; and Prizm Tungsten, which give crazy greens. I’ve heard Prizm Ruby give vibrant yellows, but are there any that give enriched and vibrant blues, like Tungsten Prizm do greens? I’m suspecting the whole point of...
  2. U

    Sold  X-Metal Lenses Purge

    Hello Forum I have many new CC lenses I'm not wearing so decided to sell some of them 8.75 BC XX 24K = $SOLD Romeo Violet = $SOLD XS Emerald Polarized (Etched) = $SOLD Romeo Prizm Sapphire Polarized (Etched) = $OLD One lens has a dot in the coating (9.8/10) XX Prizm Sapphire Polarized (no...
  3. XM-I

    New Whisker Sapphire

    Courtesy of @AlanH and it fits my big head comfortably so. Practically a featherweight frame much akin to its predecessor.
  4. S

    Radar Ev Lens Advice

    I am planning on picking up a pair of Radar Ev's and a spare lens and am trying to cover most of my bases of what I plan on doing with them. What I plan on doing with them is everyday wear and driving, but also for cycling/mtb-ing/running At this point, I'm pretty decided on picking up a Prizm...