prizm violet

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    CHRYSTL Oakley glasses

    So my husband owned a pair of the CHRYSTL sunglasses with the Violet lenses. they were his favorite pair. He lost them sometime last year and he was devastated! I Have been looking for the same pair since his birthday is coming up. I have had zero luck in finding some. I anyone is selling this...
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    Sold  Holbrook Prizm Violet Lenses

    Oakley Holbrook Replacement Lenses Prizm Violet These are Brand New without box and will be shipped with a protective foam $OLD shipped CONUS
  3. Fables

    Prizm 24 K vs Prizm Violet lenses

    I just noticed that Prizm violet iridium is now available in prescription. Last summer I got Prizm 24K prescription lenses for my daily sunglass pair and those immediately became my favorite Oakley lenses (beating out the previous favorite DWP). I was now planning to get the same Prizm 24K...
  4. Tentails

    OakleyxBraindead Radar EV

    While at the Fashion show O-store today, found these babies. Wow. The first Prizm Violet lense I find on a radar and it's a super special one. I love that frame color and the etching. They had a Plazma too in the same color wave. (I didn't buy them unfortunately, big sad, juat though they were...