1. Jerome

    New Oakley Gibston

    Hello everyone, Just saw these appear on Oakley.com. The Gibston looks like a more wrapped Sylas with less taller lenses: https://www.oakley.com/en-us/product/W0OO9449 The description from Oakley.com: "Wrapped in style, Gibston is the latest high-wrap frame from Oakley®. The modern frame...
  2. Jerome

    Oakley Sylas

    Just saw this new model appear on Oakley.com: https://www.oakley.com/en-us/product/888392454935 Edit: the link above does not seem to work somehow from the oakleyforum site, use this alternative link: https://www.oakley.com/en-us/product/W0OO9448?variant=888392454959 "Oakley® Sylas is a classic...
  3. crazywayne311

    Sold Oakley Holbrook Steel/Black Iridium Prizm Polarized

    Up for grabs is this pair of Steel Gray/Black Iridium Prizm Polarized Holbrooks. Frames are used but in amazing shape. As you can see from the pics the gray seems to be fading a little on the inside at the end of the arm. Lenses are BRAND NEW. Like to get $OLD shipped CONUS
  4. hockeyguy

    For Sale SnapBack Frogskin lite

    SnapBack collection Frogskin Lite, NIB asking $60 plus shipping.
  5. Sigtinius

    "Window" In Multi-Tinted Lenses (Like Prizm Deep Water Polarized)

    I've noticed some lenses are multi colored when looking through them such as Prizm Deep Water Polarized. When my (DWP) Flak 2.0 XL's got fogged with condensation, I noticed a perfect square "window" used to achieve a second lens color. The box separates the two lens colors: one tint in your...
  6. Jerome

    New Jawbreaker colors on the way

    Spotted these on edel-optics.nl, new Jawbreaker colors are on the way Splatter White with 24K iridium. Am I a real geek when I ask why there is no splatter on the temples? Matte Black with a White Jaw and Prizm Road Black. No specs on PRB however. I need to be patient I know, I know... The...
  7. Jerome

    Chrystl with new Prizm lenses

    Managed to scoop these out of the Google cache just like I did with the Radar EV Advancer. Search for: Oakley oo4136 They are called the Oakley Chrystl, don't know how to properly pronounce this. I guess you pronounce this like "Crystal". They look a bit like the Apparition but with an extra...
  8. Jerome

    Oakley Radar EV Advancer

    I saw these very briefly on otticasm.com but they are not visible on that website anymore. I was able to pull some info from the google cache by searching for: Oakley oo9442 They look more like Radar Fields than Radar Paths. I guess the taller lenses provide more coverage and the advancer...
  9. Jerome

    Oakley Apparition with Prizm Rose Gold lenses

    Just saw this new release appear here on the internet: Oakley Apparition OO 9451 (945104) Looks like a blend between a Catalyst and a Latch. They come with a variety of Prizm and non-Prizm lenses but what caught my eye was the color of these lenses that have the description "Prizm Rose Gold"...
  10. Jerome

    Holbrook Raceworn Green

    Just saw this special edition Holbrook pop-up on the internet. It’s called “Raceworn Green”. I’m not sure what “raceworn” means but I like the green. Model number is OO 9102 9102I6, lenses are Prizm Jade Polarized. I like them
  11. hockeyguy

    For Sale Diecutter Prizm Ruby

    Pewter Diecutter w/Prizm ruby lenses. Wore the frame twice. I gave it a shot but I just don’t like the wire frame style nose pads. Asking $80 plus shipping. Includes box, case and micro. These are in perfect condition.
  12. SolarOracle

    Sold XX Prizm Maritime lenses

    Bought with the intention to wear but it's not the case. I have another project in mind Lenses are Flawless 8.75 BC Asking what I paid for $OLD Shipped CONUS NO TRADES PLEASE
  13. SolarOracle

    Sold SI Shocktube Prizm Deep Water Polarized OO9329-08 LNIB

    Decided to get rid of some of the stuff I'm not wearing so here is the first set SI Shocktube Prizm Deep Water Polarized OO9329-08 LNIB Frame : Satin Black Lenses: Prizm H2O Polarized Worn maybe twice inside, Frame and lenses are in Mint Condition 8.75 Base Curve perfect donor for X-Metals...
  14. Jay-Da

    New Prizm Tints..

    Looks like we now have Prizm Berry, Peach and Indigo... coming in the new Frogskin collection... https://www.oakley.com/en-us/product/W0OO9013MBC
  15. hockeyguy

    For Sale Latch and Frogskin Combo

    Latch Key and Frogskin both Matte Brown Tort. Both Prizm Tungstein. Latch Key-$50 Frogskin-$60 Together -$90 Both have very minor wear to lenses, latch has a scratch on the bottom of the left lense. I couldn’t get it in a picture.
  16. crazywayne311

    For Sale Oakley Crossrange Matte Dark Grey/Prizm Deep Water Polarized

    up for grabs is this pair of Matte Dark Grey/Prizm Deep Water Polarized Crossrange! Comes with nose piece (which is removable) and an extra set of sport blue arms. No issues with these but maybe a cleaning mark to be safe but couldn’t find anything. Worn a few times but need to fund other...
  17. BoostBear

    For Sale or Trade - Airbrake Goggles + Wind Jacket 2.0

    Both Pairs $135 Shipped > $120 Shipped > $100 Shipped in CONUS via PP F/F $55 - Matte Carbon w/ Prizm Rose Frame/Facial foam are in great shape Riggers have some small scuffs on the corners Strap has no signs of baconing or tears, minimal pilling Prizm Rose lens has few small scratches on...
  18. R

    Replace Gold Iridium with Prizm

    Need help choosing new lenses. Currently have Gold Iridium (12% VLT), which are used for all sports (tennis, running, biking, etc). Been wearing these for years and love them, but I need new glasses and I would like to get a Prizm lens. Eyes have light sensitivity, so although I liked the road...
  19. Rotorhead

    Sold Frogskin Urban Commuter NYC - Black Prizm - bnib

    For Sale is a bnib Frogskin from the Urban Commuter Collection, sku 009013-D455. Mint condition, tried on a couple times only. Price is sold shipped US. Influenced by commuters' unique modes of transportation in major cities, the Urban Commuter Collection features artwork inspired by map...
  20. Fremmy

    Prizm Road vs Prizm Sapphire Help

    Hi guys, I'm a cyclist who is really torn between the new flight jackets Prizm road and Prizm Sapphire lens. Has anyone owned both? Thoughts? Is the Prizm Sapphire the same lens and filtering for the snowboarding goggles? Do the sapphires work for road cycling? Or is the light filtering more...
  21. Fables

    Prizm Jade Polarized (vs other prizm) for driving sunglasses?

    Hi I always keep one pair of sunglasses in my car… in case i forget to take the sunglasses I have for daily use with me. I have this criteria for these driving glasses: 1. Must be polarized for those days when the roads are wet 2. Must shield eyes well enough in bright sunlight 3. Must have...
  22. Migs the Scientist

    Sold Prizm Flak 2.0 with production defect

    but it still looks mighty good! good day ya'll! Matte black frames, like new with zero marks and scratches aside from defect inside of frame. see last 2 photos! asking $SOLD in U.S...comes with cloth bag only questions, feel free to ask! cheers!
  23. Jay-Da

    Sold Flak 2.0 XL - Polished Black, Prizm Ruby!

    Hey guys, I have a great pair for sale here: Frame - OCP Polished Black, Chrome icons - arms are tight, no major marks or scratches at all but they are used. I’d say 9/10 because they’ve been worn. Lenses - Prizm Ruby, brand new 10/10, beautiful lenses. Will come with microfiber and case in...
  24. Linegear Japan

    LINEGEAR HD lenses (aka Prizm) is coming, part 1

    Hi all, We have HD lenses coming, aka Prizm. It has the same function and color to Oakley lenses. This is just a quick info. Will update more. Thank you for your patronage. LINEGEAR
  25. Xformr

    Prizm Maritime Straightlink

    Prizm Maritime lenses in a Straightlink are perfect X-Metal donors! Go get it! OAKLEY SI STRAIGHTLINK PRIZM™ MARITIME POLARIZED LENSES ONLY OO9331 Brand New | eBay
  26. SolarOracle

    Sold R1 Prizm Deep water H2O lenses

    Hello OF Selling a brand new set of R1 Prizm Deep Water H2O lenses Beautiful cut with « Prizm » etching at the bottom Same base curve as OEM Asking $OLD shipping CONUS
  27. Millertime2598

    For Sale Custom Radar Array - Polished Aluminum with 3 lenses

    Had this frame and a few lenses around; figured put them together and pass them along to someone who can use them. Glasses will come with a White Radar Array case. Please let me know if you have any questions. Frame is Polished Aluminum. It is used and you can see in the pictures, but only...
  28. Radstark

    Prizm Sapphire Iridium VS Polarized Sapphire Iridium

    What are the differences, mainly from the inside? How much does this Prizm version distort colours and in what way? Do they really look the same from the outside? Is Prizm ok for everyday and driving? I've read somewhere that it makes reading on computers and phones difficult, is this true? I'm...
  29. Sigtinius

    Trading Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ - Black w/ BIP Lenses

    Looking for a Flak 2.0 XL Prizm Maritime lenses or BIP lenses. Also willing to sell the XLJ ~$100. Excellent condition. PayPal all set up if need be.
  30. S

    Prizm lenses for running and mountain hiking?

    Hi everyone! I want to buy Oakley sports sunglasses to use both for city running and mountain hiking (and eventually road biking). I am set on the EvZero Stride frame but can't decide on the lenses: at first I was going for the Prizm Road but now I'm doubtful that the 20% vlt might be too high...