1. rml0015

    Prizm Road: It can't be just me. Lens defect.

    Hi all, I've just purchased some Radar Ev shades with the Prizm Road lens. Thought I'd give it another shot after I had an issue with this specific lens some time ago in an EVzero. Welp, this lens has the same exact problem 2 years later. There's a weird stress distortion inside the lens. No...
  2. L

    "prizm black" vs "prizm black iridium": is there a difference?

    Hey! I'm looking at Flak 2.0 XL on and I can't figure out these lens options. the regular flak 2.0 XL has "prizm black" as an option, but the custom flak 2.0 XL has "prizm black iridium" listed as an option, as well as prizm grey. Are these the same? Are they different? How?
  3. U

    Sold  Frogskins Lite - Matte Poseidon with Prizm Grey (Odyssey Collection)

    Picked these up in a bulk deal but they're just not for me. Hoping someone can get some use out of them. Frame is Matte Poseidon with Prizm Grey lenses. This is from the Odyssey Collection. Glasses are in excellent condition and will come with microfiber bag. Looking for $90 shipped.
  4. MelkerWikblom

    Let me know what you guys think of these!

    I finally found and ordered one of my favorit (as you probably already know) oakley model wind jacket 2.0! I got them from ebay and I can’t wait until I get them! Now let me know how you feel about the colorway chosie:) Ps: the pic is from ebay
  5. U

    Sold  Radarlock Mega Bundle

    2 frames - Fingerprint Sky (no earstem rubbers) - Black Ink 14 lenses - Fire, Prizm Road, Clear, Grey, Shallow H20 Polarized, etc. 2 sport cases All lenses are in good or great shape, the blue frame has seen better days, cases are unused. Asking for $299 OBO CONUS
  6. U

    For Sale  AFT X-Squared lens sale XS

    Update: The ATF lost and congress nullified their brace ruling aka told them to go pound sand. All prices will be F&F shipping included to CONUS International shipping available and welcomed shipping fee will be paid in real time for the exact amount it cost me. IF you need more pics just ask...
  7. U

    For Sale  Bundle for sale: $1000 Australian.

    100% genuine Oakley’s in the box. For Sale bundle $1000 Aus
  8. Bonnarooking

    Hello Oakley Forum :)

    Here’s a few of my favorites lined up for a photo :)
  9. Doggiebag

    Help on a C-Wire issue

    Hi everyone, I have a question: I have found these Blue Sapphire lenses on the web with dimensions H 4.5cm / 1"3/4 W 6cm or 2"3/8 I would like to have them cut and mounted on C-wires Has anyone had experience with fitting this type of lens on a C-wire frame? My doubt is related to the...
  10. U

    Sold  Jawbreakers

    Slowly making my way through pairs I just don’t wear anymore. Both are in excellent condition. Will come with a black microfiber bag. $115 shipped for each. Carbon Fiber with Prizm Ruby Iridium (I believe) Team USA with Prizm Road
  11. skg

    Oakley vs non-oakley test

    Hi, just wanted to see if you guys can see any noticable differences between two Oakley lenses and two non-Oakley lenses. I can say two is contrast enhancing, while two are not (just the gray base or something). Since we are Oakley entusiasts, I guess a lot of you can tell which is which. But...
  12. skg

    Best oakley prizm lens

    The title says it all, what's your go to?
  13. skg

    Whats the difference in the prizm sport models?

    I know they are for specific sport, but like how different really are they? Like all got rose tint, and i cant seem to find all the different light spectrum charts, so i assume all filter some reds and blues. Let's say you were given two lenses that you didn't know which sport it was made for...
  14. skg

    Prizm snow torch vs Trail torch.

    Hi, i have prizm snow sapphire on my radars, and they can get a little too dark in snowy and dark weather. I need some lense that can fit that spot. Was thinking of snow torch, trail torch, low light, (or maybe even golf, road). My thought process is that low light will basically only be used...
  15. U

    For Sale  Radarlock Path, Turbine Lenses

    Selling some extra lenses that don't get any use... Radarlock Path: Ruby Iridium Polarized, 9/10, One tiny mark on the lens which could not be photographed but I wanted to make sure I was upfront about it. It's at the bottom of the lens. It's a pinhead sized nick in the iridium which does...
  16. U

    Sold  Polished Black Flak Jacket 2.0 XL

    Letting these go. No need to have a handful of black flak jackets sitting around when we all know I prefer holbrooks these days. Frame and rubbers are in like new condition. Just put in a BRAND NEW set of prizm deep water polarized lenses as well. $old
  17. U

    For Sale  Masters Edition Radar EV Pitch new in box

    For sale Radar EV pitch Frame: Grey/Black Camo Lens: Prizm Daily Polarized $400 ( s & h included)
  18. Gunn

    Old Sub Zeros - RELOADED!

    Did someone said "if I could turn back the time"? :D Looking forward to that what's coming...
  19. rml0015

    EVzero Blades Recurring Lense Issue

    Hey guys and gals, I decided to buy the evzero blade on Oakley's web store. After wearing i really lime this style. They fit great under a helmet for cycling. Anyways, I am on my second set straight from Oakley with a weird issue within the lense. They have a defect where they throw a glare...
  20. U

    Sold  Matte Black Fuel Cell American Flag

    Looking to unload these. Brand new set of Prizm Black Iridium lenses. Frame shows a few small marks but other than that nothing else wrong. Looking to get $62 shipped con us
  21. U

    Sold  Various Styles ($75 each)

    Some left over from a lot I picked up. All are brand new and will come with a black microfiber bag. $75 for each. Sylas - Sold Gibston - Olive Ink with Prizm Tungsten Forager - Matte Black with Prizm Violet Anorak - Polished Black with Prizm Grey
  22. U

    Sold  Wiretap 2.0 Matte Gunmetal/Prizm BI

    Selling a lightly used Wiretap 2.0 in Matte Gunmetal with Prizm BI lenses (OO4145-0260) Personally tried them on once and realized they weren't for me (lenses looked too large on my face). Frame is in good condition, some light scratches on the left temple area and one or two on the top of the...
  23. U

    Sold  Sunglass Sale ($80 each)

    Picked these up in a bulk deal; just don't need these. All are $80 each; shipped in the US. Please let me know if you have any questions. Apparition - Satin Black with Prizm Black Gibston - Polished Black with Prizm Grey Gibston - Matte Black with Prizm Black Iridium Half Jacket 2.0 XL -...
  24. U

    Sold  Clifdens

    Recently picked these up in a bulk deal; just not for me. Hoping to pass them along to someone to can pull them off. Matte Olive with Prizm Tungsten Polarized - $130 Matte Black with Prizm Snow Black - $100 Matte Black with Prizm Snow Torch - $100
  25. U

    Sold  Women's Styles (Trailing Point and Low Key)

    Picked these up in a bulk deal and my wife is just not a fan. All are brand new and will come with microfiber bag. Prices are shipped in the US. Trailing Point - Matte Black with Prizm Rose Gold Polarized - $100 Trailing Point - Polished Black with Prizm Road Black - $80 Trailing Point -...
  26. U

    Sold  Flak 2.0 XL (Updated items and price)

    Got some brand new Flak 2.0's I'm looking to sell. All will come with microfiber bag and extra nose pieces. Please let me know if you have any questions. Steel (Chrome Icons) with Prizm Dark Golf - $100 shipped Matte Black (Gold Icons) with Prizm Rose Gold Polarized - Sold Matte Black (Chrome...
  27. U

    For Sale  Oakley Sunglasses (Thump, Romeo, Turbine, Mag Heater, Crosshair 2.0)

    Hello, In the process of helping my family downsize before moving across the country, we've begun looking to sell some of our Oakley products to people who would get more use or enjoyment out of them. Most still have the original box/case, but the ones without the original case were rehoused in...
  28. U

    Buying  Badman Ruby lens

    Whats going on everybody, hope everything is fine! So, I am looking for a pair of ruby lens for my Badman. prizm ruby polarized would be my preference* thank you so much everyone. 🙏🏽
  29. Yo Flawch!

    Here is a poll/survey to express your opinions about custom cut lenses with partial etching.

    I have definite opinions about custom-cut Oakley lenses with partial etching, but I want to see how other enthusiasts feel about this topic. This is a survey, but in a poll-style format. If you're not interested in the topic, there are EASY OUTS... either click out of this thread, or make ONLY...
  30. U

    Sold  Oakley AirBrake Shaun White Signature Series Snow Goggles w/2 new lenses

    Hey all, This is for a very lightly used frame and two new lenses, one Prizm Snow Sapphire Iridium (installed) and the other Hi-Viz Yellow Iridium, with microfiber bags included as shown. Asking for $75 shipped via Paypal.