pro m

  1. delarscuevas

    Matte... yet Shiny. 😱😃

    Just had one of my Pro M's customized to match the carpet... Heeeeere's Oakley! 😱😃 Will definitely be wearing this at the next public screening of the Shining. 😂 Done by using water transfer, by the way. Because the pattern is so smalle, it's not 100% perfect, but...
  2. oldYeti

    Anybody An Old Catalogue Saver?

    Is there anyone here who saved old Oakley catalogues from the 1990s, or has any other way to get information on part numbers? The part numbers are 85-216 and 75-221. Can anybody identify these parts? Hint: they are lens numbers, so does anybody know the lens tints for these numbers? Does...
  3. oldYeti

    Pro M RX Heater Lenses Questions

    I bought a Pro M frame and some RX Heater lenses in 1997, then shortly after, ordered another RX Heater lens. Can anyone account for the difference between overall lens shape and insert shape differences in the photo below? Can anyone give me a tutorial or any idea of changes in Pro M Heater...