1. crgonyar

    Goggle lens protection

    Anyone have any experience with protection for goggle lenses?? I purchased the ripclear protectors for a pair of Fall Line and a pair of Flight Deck... the Fall Line fit perfectly and went on great. Not so much for the Flight Deck!! Are there any other options for protection?
  2. T

    Lens Type and color for protection

    Hi- first time here. Does anyone know what the lightest (most see-through) lens type and color is? It is difficult to tell online. My son needs to wear protective glasses while playing soccer due to an eye condition and we want to get him something he will actually wear. We are thinking of...
  3. B

    Soft Vault Quality Dropped?

    I've always bought the zippered soft vaults for as long as I can remember (the zip is a great protection against things like sand if you're on a beach) - I've always found them to be pretty solid. Now I don't know if it's diminishing protection returns as the cases I require get bigger, but the...