1. HeavyChevy

    For Sale Mag Switch Prototype Price Drop

    Up for sale or trade is what is believed to be a prototype pair of Magnesium Switch glasses with Light Blue Oakley lenses which were purchased from ebay. I believe these to be authenticated as per this thread: Mag Switch Prototype? Frame condition is ~8.5/10 with some insignificant marks on...
  2. Gunn

    For Sale Oakley SF16-C, Ferrari Carbon Prototype from Foothill Ranch

    I decided to sell one of my collection grails to finance some other projects... Here we have 1 of 11 known in existance Ferrari SF16-C Carbon Fiber w/ Prizm Daily Polarized! You have the EXTREMELY RARE OPPORTUNITY to own one of the rarest, unreleased Oakley pairs ever. SF16-C stands for...
  3. O

    Complete Supreme Collection Inc. Prototypes

    Can't take credit, this is an Italian collectors pic. Just wanted to share with everyone here. This is the only completed supreme collection I am aware of.
  4. Ramslacrosse09

    Eastern Boarder Prototype?

    Anyone else see this? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Super-rare-oakley-frogskins-eastern-boarder-prototype-/271642572927?pt=US_Sunglasses&hash=item3f3f28b87f
  5. tigbball5

    Tigbball's Frogs

    These are the new frogs I have obtained since joining this forum. 1. Heaven & Earth Collection Matte Sky/ Sapphire Iridium The sapphire iridium lens is absolutely stunning.It is is just like jade iridium but with blue. I pops a lot more than ice. 2.STAPLE x LIBERTY x Oakley This pair is...