r1 mj

  1. U

    Found Jordan R1 on eBay UK (auction end 09/16))

    Hi all, Not looking for a pair myself but did find these on eBay in the UK if there is anybody out there looking for a pair. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274485783982 Appears to be a legit pair of Jordan R1s in pretty good shape. Unfortunately doesn't appear to have any packaging or coin
  2. iwill

    MJ R1 #2855 on eBay

    Is this anyone one here? I'm in Austin and interested Oakley Michael Jordan Romeo #2855 not Juliet Penny Mars XX Half X X-Squared | eBay
  3. U

    For Sale Romeo 1 Michael Jordan xmetal w/ black iridium - serial 1370

    Hello all for sale this awesome R1 mj.. Frame in very good condition have vary low signs of wear, the nose bridge have a little line see the pics, serial 1370 low serial, rubbers good, original red romeo earshocks, lenses very mint, came with Juliet Ducati 25 red t-shock, included mg-bag and...