1. mustangjt

    Sold Romeo 1 X-Metal w/ Black Iridium Lenses

    Hello all! I have a Romeo 1 with Black Iridium etched lenses for sale. Serial #33412. Will ship with microfiber bag and standard large O soft vault. There are shiny marks on the frame as seen in the pictures. The lenses are not very good with scratches and imperfections throughout. The only plus...
  2. iwill

    Sold Romeo 1 complete - early Square Stem w/bombs and shox 25 - 75

    Asking:$700 - reasonable offers will be entertained PP G&S and CONUS shipping included in price Frame: beautiful 9.5/10 Right Lens: minor marks and small spider crack 8.5-9/10 because of the beginning of a crack but there is nothing noticeable while wearing of displaying Left Lens: minor marks...
  3. Jacob Carstens

    Sold Romeo 1 X-Metal/BI

    Hi guys, Selling another R1 X-Metal frame is in really good condition- can't find any issues - 9/10. Rubbers and gaskets in similar good shape. Original etched BI lenses have signs of wear - both have a small spider crack and the left lens has scratches that does affect vision. Right lens is...
  4. Xire

    Traded Romeo 1 X-Metal non Hammerstems

    Selling this Serialized pair of X metal.The Romeo 1 Have 3 in x metal finish so Selling one to purchase a different finish Frame is in great condition But earstems are non Hammerstems, Rubbers tight and are OEM for nose bridge, earstems,t-shocks (number 15)and upper gaskets. Lenses: Custom cut...
  5. Xire

    Found X metal Hammerstems

    looking to purchase a set(even one will do) of Xmetal finish Hammerstems. Please pm pictures and Price. Thank you. It might come from an x metal XX or Xmetal R1. Maybe some prefer the straight /curve ear stems or maybe some has them lying around somewhere. I can buy or swap with Straight /Curve...
  6. iwill

    Found I havent found them yet but am currently out of the market - Complete Jordan R1

    I always keep an eye out for them but the timing has never been right. PM me with what you have and want. Thanks
  7. Jaytypes

    Sold R1 frame Mint condition

    I have recently bought and traded for a few R1's and now have few Xmetal R1's so to try and fund a different frame I'm selling one of mine. I will get pics up later today but I can email some pics if your in a hurry. This is for the frame just the lenses won't be the best I can throw in a set...
  8. Jaytypes

    Buying Romeo 1 gaskets

    I need a couple of R1 gaskets mostly upper but I wouldn't mind some full sets. Let me know what you have