r1 titanium

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    Sold R1 Titanium w/ Gold Iridium

    Romeo Titanium with Gold Iridium lenses, X Metal etched for sale. - Frame: is in good shape - Lenses is Oem with Xmetal etched, good condition with some cleaning mark, 8/10 - Rubber: Oem gaskets, temple 15, nosepad and earsock are new by LINEGEAR It comes with a new custom mf bag. $OLD , EMS...
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    Sold Romeo 1 Titanium w/ Gold Iridium

    Romeo 1 Titanium with Gold Iridium lenses for sale. The bridge has been polished a bit, so this is good to make a custom project. Or just use it as it is. Lenses has cleaning swirl and mark. See pictures (price reflect that). Rubber: oem is sticky, but add extra LINEGEAR R1-black rubber set...
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    Sold R1 Titanium w/ Gold Iridium X Metal etched - 600$

    Hi all, Here is an R1 Titanium with Gold Iridium Lenses X Metal etched. It is in a very good condition throughout. Detail below Frame: 9.5/10 no scratch at all. Lenses: 9.0/10 just to be careful, as you can see looking through with a light source, these are beautiful lenses. Although there are...