r1 xmetal full set

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    Sold  R1 X-Metal with X Metal etched lens, full set, matching serial

    Here R1 X-Metal with X Metal etched lens in a very good condition for sale. Full set, matching serial. Serial: 045449 - Frame: 9/10 beautiful. A small scratch on upper left stem. - Lenses: 8/10. Left lens has small cleaning mark. Right lens has scratch lower side near the edge, not affecting...
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    Sold  R1 X-Metal, full set, collector grade

    Another Romeo 1 X-Metal in a complete set, maching serial, a great condition for collector. Serial: B07686 Frame: very good condition 9.5/10 Lenses: 9.5/10, like new, tiny spider crack no problem. Rubber: Oem in a very good condition with spare (np, ts 50 & 75). Upper gaskets are LINEGEAR’s...