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    Sold A few sets of R1 lenses (3 sets for the price of 2) DWP set

    I have a couple of big tacos sets that I'm gonna have cut so I'm gonna sell these to help fund the other projects. All prices are shipped and paypalled in the conus I will throw in a set of daily prizm polarized lenses if you buy any two of these sets Emerald polarized (cut from big taco)...
  2. U

    For Sale PRICEDROP: R1 - XM/BI + extra OEM gaskets & rubbers.

    Hi guys, Selling my two R1s. XM/BI - frame is used but in very good condition. Only blemish I've been able to spot is a bit on the lower left orbital and one arm - see pictures. Original etched lenses have some marks and a bit of fading in the edges of the iridium but no spider cracks and still...
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    Sold R1 frame Mint condition

    I have recently bought and traded for a few R1's and now have few Xmetal R1's so to try and fund a different frame I'm selling one of mine. I will get pics up later today but I can email some pics if your in a hurry. This is for the frame just the lenses won't be the best I can throw in a set...
  4. U

    Buying Romeo 1 gaskets

    I need a couple of R1 gaskets mostly upper but I wouldn't mind some full sets. Let me know what you have
  5. U

    Buying R1 outersleeve

    Looking to buy an outersleeve for a romeo r1 box, preferably with x metal color sticker
  6. U

    Traded R1 xmetal

    For sale is a near mint condition R1 in xmetal finish with aftermarket linegear lens. Comes with bag, no coin or box Asking $630. Shipping to CONUS included. International shipping can be worked out
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    Sold X-Metal Vault & Custom Gold R1 lenses

    I've decided to have a bit of clear out to make a bit of room, so listed below are some items I’m putting up for sale…. LNIB X-Metal Vault, only ever used for display and in Like new condition inside and out, original foam is unmarked, comes with original box. £100 shipped within the UK… $150...
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    Sold SPF: R1 plasma for sale

    Great condition R1 plasma with oakley plasma R1 lens. Frame is 9/10, with point deduction for right temple being loose Left lens (etched lens) has small spider barely visible from inside, does not affect vision Right lens has a small spider crack and abrasion on the upper lens, see pics $750...
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    Sold Mint Carbon XS with box, coin, case

    Have a barely worn xs black carbon with black iridium lens Has been sitting on display, maybe worn about twice. Lens, frame, case, everything is mint. Includes all original items such as box, papers, coin, case all in mint condition. $430. Will also trade for good condition R1 XM
  10. iwill

    Romeo 1 with square earstems

    I found a thread or two that touched on this but I wanted to see if any more details could be provided. My first R1's had squared off earstems but it seems almost everything I see has the rounded ones so I was wondering when did they make they change? The only square stems I come across are...
  11. U

    Sold Romeo 1 XMetal - numbers matching

    Early Romeo 1 with handwritten serial number and frame color is listed as Grey Frame is tight with new Linegear upper gaskets shows some wear Lenses are OEM etched with small spider crack on each and small scratches - you can see them if you look for them Rubber still plenty life in OEM rubber...
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    Buying R1 OEM gaskets and rubber

    Please reply with OEM products only - I know Juliets fit but I figured why not throw it out there too. I know it might take a minute to find it but I'm not in a rush. Thanks
  13. Ethan Pang

    Been trying to find myself a pair of Romeo R1's

    Hi Everyone, I'm fairly new here, and I've started my collection of Oakleys for a few years. I've always been a fan of the R1s, but as you all may know they've been discontinued for many years. I've always been very sketchy on buying them through ebay or online websites. Anyone have any...
  14. U

    For Sale Linegear Premium Red Polarized Lenses for Romeo 1

    I'm not really using these and the differences between custom cuts and these is pretty noticeable leaving me to just stick with my custom cuts. Mounted for maybe a week, still in great condition. Save some cash and the long wait for these to clear customs. $40 and I'll include the shipping...