r2 polished

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    Sold Boxes Penny x Metal, Romeo 2 Polished, Zero 0.1

    Boxes penny x metal, $105 Romeo 2 Polished, 105 Zero 0.1, $60 Pay By Paypal The prices have included the value of the shipment to the united states.
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    Sold R2 Polished w/ Titanium Iridium - full set - 210$

    Hi all, A R2 polished complete set for sale. - Frame: 8/10 no scratch and polished surface are shiny. - Lenses 4/10 need to change, good for display. - Rubber: on frame are NP Large, Earsock and Temple shock 15, all oem very good conditon 9/10. Note: oem Juliet spare rubber (TS 25 and NP 15)...