r2 rubber

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    Sold  X-Metal Romeo 2.0

    Trying to round up some $$$ to finish some project so my last R2 needs to go. -Overall in good condition with a few marks -Nose bridge is oem tight -Frame is straight -Rubbers are used but still in good condition, no tearing leakage -Lenses have delamination in the inside of the lens closer to...
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    Sold  Romeo 2 rubber bundle

    OEM Rootbeer set includes the following: 3 sets of ear socks 3 sets of nose pieces 1 set of size 15 Shox $100
  3. Linegear Japan

    START SELLING - R2 replacement rubber by LINEGEAR

    I hope this is a good news to X-Metal fans, especially R2 enthusiasts. Romeo 2 replacement rubber will be ready to sell Nov - Dec. The quality is great. It is tight fit. Component are: earsocks, temple shock (small size only, = oem 15), nosepad in small (15) and large (25). It will be...
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    Sold  R2 rubber, oem, new

    One pair of Temple Shock (Small) for 20$. 15$. ES - 30$ SOLD NP-Small - 20$ SOLD NP-Large - 20$ SOLD TS-Large - 20$ SOLD Take a few and shipping is combined thus refund partial amount. Price included shipping. Let me know if you need EMS, arrange at your expense.