r2 xmetal

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    Sold  Romeo 2 Xmetal with Premium Red Pola

    Romeo 2 Xmetal for sale -Frame: fresh tune, look smooth, no scratch 9/10 -Lenses: brand new LG Premium Red Polarized -Rubber: Oem very good condition 9/10. With one pair of spare nosepad. It comes with a new mf bag. 300$ OBO, shipping worldwide with a tracking. Thank you for considering.
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    Sold  X-Metal Romeo 2.0

    Trying to round up some $$$ to finish some project so my last R2 needs to go. -Overall in good condition with a few marks -Nose bridge is oem tight -Frame is straight -Rubbers are used but still in good condition, no tearing leakage -Lenses have delamination in the inside of the lens closer to...
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    Sold  Romeo2 X metal (beater)

    Romeo2 X metal (beater) Lenses in poor condition, frame in good condition, nasal bridge misadjusted. rubber in good condition. Price $ 220 pay by Paypal Send Free to usa
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    Found  XX 24 K and Romeo 2 X-Metal

    Hi O bro and sist, Sold them a few months ago and feel kinda want them back. Specification below: 1. XX 24 K, frame in very good condition, nose tight, lenses good (no lenses is fine). No need box & coin. Found 2. Romeo 2 Xmetal, frame, lenses and rubber must be in very good shape. Got...