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    Sold  X-Metal Romeo 2.0

    Trying to round up some $$$ to finish some project so my last R2 needs to go. -Overall in good condition with a few marks -Nose bridge is oem tight -Frame is straight -Rubbers are used but still in good condition, no tearing leakage -Lenses have delamination in the inside of the lens closer to...
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    Buying  Romeo 2

    Polished or Plasma preferred. Lenses optional. Sure, I'd like a box and coin, but it's not a must.
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    Traded  Carbon R2 /OR FS

    Looking to trade for other Xmetals, no HX or R2. Let me know what you have, or $310 shipped within the US if you want to buy out right. Pm with questions or more pictures.
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    Trading  Romeo 2.0

    Looking to trade for other types of x metals in like conditions (ready to wear) or for sale... looking to get around $300. Full disclosure I am not the original owner so I cannot speak on the the history of the frame however I can be as detailed as possible on what I can physically see. Frame...
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    Buying  R2 Daily Wear

    Really like the Romeo 2 look. Not looking to spend R1 $'s. Would like a pair of r2's to wear on a regular basis. PM with any availability.
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    Sold  Romeo 2.0 -- Carbon/bi and polished/ti

    I have here a pair of polished frame with Titanium lenses Romeo 2.0 The frame and rubbers are in excellent condition. The bridge is still tight. The lenses, however, have scratches (highlighted in the pictures) that may or may not affect your vision. Sunglasses and mf bag only. $OLD via USPS...