racing jacket gen 2

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    Are these gen 2 racing jackets

    FYI Looking at selling the red ones once I’ve finished my 14 days of becoming a new member. The lens and frame are authentic
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    Legit color for Racing Jacket or not?

    Recently acquired these Oakleys from someone and have never seen the old logo painted the color of the frame. Guess I'm just wondering if this is a legitimate color for a racing jacket. I could not find it on or review but that does not mean that they couldn't be custom.
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    Sold  Rac. Jkt Pro series dkchrm / vtd g30 and persimmon lenses. Complete set

    Title says it all. They are in good condition but have been used and I swapped lenses so some chipping has occurred ( no evident damage unless looked close ) g30 lenses 9.5 persimmon 6.5-7 ( still usable since its a light color, scratches don’t show while wearing. Hydrophobic solution still 3/4...
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    For Sale  Racin jacket gen 2 ( 2sets new)

    Racing jacket gen 2 for pro or water jacket. One set vr28 vented 95$ One set tungsten iridium 105$ Both 9.5 / l0 due to storage for 10+ years. Pm with any questions and thanks for checking!