racing jackets first gen

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    For Sale  I'm back! Selling 2X Gen 1 Oakley Racing Jackets + 2 extra lenses...

    Hello, Good condition. A few things though... The lenses are near perfect. The Blue Iridium there's a very small mark in corner where the Irdium has come off (see picture) can't see it only at certain angles and light. The black ones the wording on bridge has rubbed off a little (see...
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    FMJ or Platinum (Racing Jacket Gen 1)

    Is this Gen 1 RJ frame FMJ 5.56 or Platinum?
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    Buying  Racing jacket gen.1 lenses and rubbers.

    As title states looking for some gen1 racing jacket stuff, anything that will help to enjoy my bare frame more. Need lenses and rubbers water jacket parts ok, a case a hydrophobic cleaner a microfiber ect..