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    Sold Racing Jacket 1Gen + 2Gen Bundle ( TIGER AND BLK CHROME) RARE ITEMS )

    Hi everyone for sale this COLLECTOR'S bundle - * I WILL NOT SELL THIS ITEMS INDIVIDUALLY (1) Racing jacket 1gen - Bengal Tiger red - frame 10/10 - rubbers 10/10 - lenses 9/10 (blck iridium) (1) Racing jacket PRO - Black Chrome - frame 10/10 - rubbers 10/10 - lenses 10/10 (vented...
  2. RacingJacketFAN

    Racing Jacket Fan - Another RJ score

    I needed them in my life , i have to say thanks to one amazing Forum user , that decided to trade after i waited 1 year almost :) and we made a good deal , finally got them , finally!!! :imtheking:, tonight they will go in the box of RJ wonders :) :king::king::king::king: ps; still looking...
  3. RacingJacketFAN

    Other Racing Jacket 2gen Score - in 'NEW conditon' :)

    hey hey .. Loving my - Gen2 Pearl white Racing jacket - in 'NEW' condition A fellow collector sold me this amazing item . with jawbone fire iridium lenses 'recut' , and extra ' NEW' vented transitions lenses , As a bonus : a WJ box - with 70% of Hydro liquid . Love them !
  4. RacingJacketFAN

    My Racing/Water Jacket's Lil collection :) 1Gen/2Gen - PRO

    Hi guys :) I have been collection racing jackets and using them for my cycling days for over 10 years, probably the coolest sunglasses ever seen in Road Pro peloton and MTB racers , Ii have started with 2 models, Pearl white and Black. Only recently i started to gather more models and got the...
  5. RacingJacketFAN

    Hi from Mallorca (Spain)

    hi Guys :) i'm a racing jacket 1gen/2gen collector and not only that i love everything related to Oakley :) I live in Mallorca and a cycling freak ! ahahh about the RJ's i will be posting my collection soon , and looking out to buy some ''missing items '' in my treasure box... Posting...